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Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS)

FIRMS delivers global hotspots / fire locations in easy to use formats

FIRMS distributes Near Real-Time active fire data within 3 hours of satellite overpass from both MODIS and VIIRS.

MODIS Active Fire Products

MODIS Active Fire Products

New: Collection 6 now available - what's new? The MODIS NRT active fire products (MCD14DL) are processed using the standard MOD14/MYD14 Fire and Thermal Anomalies product. Each MODIS active fire location represents the center of a 1km pixel that is flagged by the algorithm as containing one or more fires within the pixel. To give users time to migrate to Collection 6, Collection 5 data will continue to be available for the next six months.

VIIRS Active Fire Products

VIIRS Active Fire Products

New: The VIIRS NRT 375 m active fire products (VNP14IMGTDL_NRT) complements MODIS fire detections but the improved spatial resolution of the 375 m data provides a greater response over fires of relatively small areas.The 375 m data also has improved nighttime performance. More...

Please note, in an effort to standardize VIIRS file names, the short name for VIIRS NRT 375 m product has been changed from VNP14IMGT to VNP14IMGTDL_NRT (updated 18 April 2016).

As FIRMS transitions to distributing MODIS Collection 6 and VIIRS the following table shows what data are available.

Email alerts x

Shape files (SHP)
Comma-separated text files (TXT)
KML ending soon
Archive download tool mid 2016 mid 2016
Web Fire Mapper
WMS ending soon
Worldview x

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