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Landsat 9 first light image

The first image collected by Landsat 9, on October 31, 2021, shows mangroves clustered in protected inlets and bays on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Fluffy cumulus clouds and high-altitude cirrus clouds hover nearby. The aqua colors of the shallow near-shore waters give way to the deep, dark blues of the ocean. Click here to see more first light images from Landsat 9. Credit: NASA/USGS.

Landsat 9 to Provide a Wealth of Data to the Longest Continuous Global Record of Earth Imagery
Launched September 27, Landsat 9 will provide a high-quality and reliable stream of land imaging data for the next 10-plus years. (December 16)

NASA Announces 2021 International Space Apps Challenge Global Award Winners
Ten teams from around the globe took home top honors in the world’s largest hackathon addressing real-world problems on Earth and in space. (December 10)

Tracking Ocean Plastic from Space
Researchers are using satellite data and machine learning to map microplastic concentrations across the ocean. (December 3)

2021 Cloud Hackathon Teaches Scientists How to Work with Cloud-Based Data
Mentors from NASA Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) helped scientists improve their skills using NASA cloud-based Earth science data and transition their research workflows to the cloud. (November 24)

Urban Extreme Heat Dataset Offers Population Exposure Estimates for more Than 13,000 Urban Settlements Worldwide
New dataset provides the most accurate record of how extreme heat in urban areas across the globe has changed in tandem with population growth. (November 19)

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