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Webinars and Tutorials


NASA Earthdata Webinar Series

Explore our webinars every fourth Wednesday of each month at 2pm EDT(UTC/GMT-4) to learn more about NASA Earth science data sets, services and tools to discover, access and use these data.

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Archived Webinar Videos

DateSpeaker(s)Title and link to video
May 14, 2015Barry Weiss, Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission Systems Architect, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryNASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission Data Products
May 6, 2015James Acker, GES DISCRedesigning Giovanni: More Data, More Plots, Faster Results
April 29, 2015Matthew Tisdale, Brian Tisdale, ASDC DAACImproving Accessibility and Use of NASA Earth Science Data
April 16, 2015Amanda Leon, NSIDC DAACDiscovering and Differentiating Data with the NSIDC Search
February 19, 2015Barry Weiss, Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission Systems Architect, NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryImplementing the ISO 19115 model: NASA Earth Science Data
January 29, 2015Erin Doxsey-Whitfield, Kytt MacManus, SEDACDiscover NASA's Gridded Population of the World
December 3, 2014Kelly Lemig, LP DAACDiving into the NASA Data Pools with DAAC2Disk
November 19, 2014Ken Keiser, Ajinkya Kulkarni, GHRCData Albums: An Event Driven Data Discovery and Access Tool
November 10, 12 - 14, 2014Hosted by the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC)

2nd Gregory G. Leptoukh Online Giovanni Workshop

October 8, 2014Laura Rocchio, Jeannie Allen, NASA; Linda Jonescheit Owen, USGSKnow your Landsat: Understanding and Accessing Landsat Data
September 25, 2014Michele Thornton, Yaxing Wei, Ranjeet Devarakonda, ORNLAccessing Daymet Data Through Web-Based Tools and Services
September 24, 2014Diane Davies, LANCEDiscover NASA Near Real-Time Earth Science Data using LANCE
July 23, 2014Kari Beckendorf, LP DAACDiscover New Data Products at the NASA LP DAAC
June 11, 2014Larry Voorhees, NASA Postdoctoral ProgramFellowship Opportunities with the NASA Postdoctoral Program
May 28, 2014Carey Noll, Lori Tyahla, CDDISDiscover NASA's Archive for Space Geodesy Data: CDDIS
April 23, 2014Michelle Cook, Mary Jane Saddington, ASDC DAACDiscover and Access Atmospheric Data from the ASDC DAAC
March 26, 2014Jennifer Brennan, EOSDIS CommunicationsA Beginner's Tour: NASA EOSDIS Data Discovery and Access
February 26, 2014MIchelle Harbin, ASF DAAC Real-Life Uses of Radar Data for Real-Life Scientists
January 22, 2014Tyler Stevens, GCMDDiscover Earth Science Data and Services using NASA GCMD
November 20, 2013Alex de Sherbinin, Sri Vinay, SEDACExplore NASA Socioeconomic Data using Web Mapping Services
September 25, 2013Steve Tanner, NSIDCOperation IceBridge Portal - Discover a Wealth of Polar Data (Part 1)
Operation IceBridge Portal - Discover a Wealth of Polar Data (Part 2)
September 11, 2013Suresh K.S. Vannan, Yaxing Wei, ORNLEnvironmental Data Management Best Practices: Part 2 Geospatial Data
September 10, 2013Suresh K.S. Vannan, Bob Cook, ORNLEnvironmental Data Management Best Practices: Part 1 Tabular Data
August 28, 2013Kelly Lemig, LP DAACHow To Access NASA ASTER and MODIS Data with Earth Explorer Tool
July 24, 2013Tammy Walker Beatty, Suresh K.S. Vannan, ORNLMODIS Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool
June 26, 2013James Acker, GES DISCGiovanni - Access and Visualize Earth Science Data Online
May 30, 2013Ed Armstrong, Michelle Gierach, Jorge Vasquez, Rosanna Sumagaysay-Aouda, PO.DAACGHRSST Data Discovery and Access Tools
May 29, 2013Ed Armstrong, Michelle Gierach, Jorge Vasquez, Rosanna Sumagaysay-Aouda, PO.DAAC GHRSST Sea Surface Temperature Data Discovery and Access

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Tutorials and Data "How-To" Recipies

Information about available NASA EOSDIS data products, various types of data discovery, data access, and data tool demonstrations or tutorials.

For assistance with any of these tutorials, please contact  and we will forward you to the appropriate DAAC user services office.