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Webinars and Tutorials

Tutorials and Data "How-To" Recipes

Data recipes are tutorials that include step-by-step instructions to help users learn how to discover, access, subset, visualize and use Earth science data, information, tools and services. These tutorials cover many different data products across the Earth science disciplines and different data discovery and data access tools, including programming languages and related software.

For assistance with any of these tutorials, please contact Earthdata Support and we will forward you to the appropriate DAAC user services office.


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The NASA Earthdata data discovery and data access webinars span the Earth science disciplines and are designed to help users learn about NASA EOSDIS data, services and tools and show users how to work with these data resources. As the monthly webinar schedule varies, be sure to check the online catalog for a listing of upcoming events.

NASA Earthdata Webinar Series

How to Cloud for Earth Scientists

Search the webinars by clicking in the search box below right and entering in a key word, such as a DAAC ("ASDC", "NSIDC", etc), an instrument/mission ("GRACE", "MODIS", etc) or science term ("surface mass", "snow cover", etc). The results will narrow down the table entries applicable to the keyword entered.

SortAndKeyword (HIDDEN) Date Title and link to video Speaker(s)
017, cloud computing, Earthdata Pub, Field Campaign Explorer, Lightning Dashboard, Bulk Downloader, data, services, tools May 4, 2022

Shifting the Paradigm: Discover, Access, and Process Data With Cloud-Based Services

Dr. Geoffrey Stano, GHRC DAAC
018, atmosphere, MODIS, VIIRS, View Data, Find Data, data, services, tools April 27, 2022 Learn how to View and Download Data from NASA's LAADS DAAC

Tassia Owen, Otmar Olsina, and Greg Ederer, LAADS DAAC

019, POWER, renewable energy, solar power, sustainability, data, services, tools, GIS

March 23, 2022

Getting to Know the NASA Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resources (POWER) Project Dr. Paul Stackhouse, LaRC; Madison Broddle and Bradley Macpherson, ASDC
020, SAR, Python, Jupyter Notebooks, search, data, services, tools February 28, 2022 SAR Data in Python—Get to Know the ASF Search Module Gregory Short, ASF DAAC
021, SeaHawk, HawkEye, CubeSat, ocean color, data, services, tools January 26, 2022 Big Things Come in Very Small Packages: SeaHawk—A New Way of Looking at the Ocean

Sean Bailey, OB.DAAC; Panelists: Alicia Scott, OB.DAAC and Dr. Sara Rivero-Calle,  SeaHawk/HawkEye mission, University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

022, Environmental Justice, urban heat, social vulnerability, Jupyter Notebooks, GIS, climate, hazards, data, services, tools

December 8, 2021

Using Geospatial Data to Evaluate Climate Hazards and Inform Environmental Justice Dr. Carolynn Hultquist and Dr. Cascade Tuholske, SEDAC at CIESIN
023, GIS, ArcGIS, Jupyter Notebooks, data, services, tools October 27, 2021 Explore GIS Efforts that Enable Earth Science at NASA's GES DISC Allison Alcott, GES DISC

Panelist: Dr. Binita KC, GES DISC

024, MODIS, VIIRS, atmosphere, data, services, tools September 22, 2021 Learn How to Access and Acquire NASA Level-1 MODIS and VIIRS Data and Atmosphere Products from LAADS DAAC Dr. Bhaskar Ramachandran and Jose Galdamez, LAADS DAAC
025, Daymet, Jupyter Notebooks, weather, climate, data, services, tools August 31, 2021 Toward Analysis Ready Data—Programmatically Discover, Access, and Subset Daymet V4 Data with Python and ArcGIS Michele Thornton, ORNL DAAC, Panelists:  Dr. Rupesh Shrestha, ORNL DAAC, and Dr. Lain Graham, Esri, ArcDAAC Collaborative
026, cloud migration, AWS, physical oceanography, data, services, tools, Earthdata Cloud August 17, 2021 Surfing Ocean Data in the Cloud: The Beginners' Guide to PO.DAAC Data in the Earthdata Cloud John Klose, Sandra Cosic and Suresh Vanaan, PO.DAAC
027, InSAR, SAR, Vertex, On-Demand, data, services, tools July 28, 2021 Accelerate your Science with On-Demand InSAR Processing from ASF DAAC Dr. Joseph Kennedy, ASF DAAC
028, SOOT, airborne data, services, tools June 30, 2021

Powered Up Data—Getting to Know the Sub-Orbital Order Tool (SOOT) Power User Interface

Jennifer Tindell and Simon Handley, ASDC DAAC
029, NASA Worldview, HLS, GIBS, data, services, tools May 18, 2021

NASA Worldview—Explore the Earth from Past to Present with Global Satellite Observations

Jason Kent and Minnie Wong, NASA Worldview project
030, NSIDC DAAC, icepyx, IceFlow, cryosphere, data, services, tools, Python, Jupyter Notebook April 28, 2021 IceFlow and icepyx: Python tools for Harmonizing Laser Altimetry Datasets in an Open Science Framework Amy Steiker, Nic Kotlinski, NSIDC DAAC; Dr. Jessica Scheick, University of New Hampshire Earth Systems Research Center
031, PO.DAAC, Cloud, Saildrone, Sentinel-6, data, services, tools, Python March 24, 2021 The PO.DAAC: An Open Ocean of Remote Sensing and In Situ Data for Science in the Cloud Ed Armstrong, Dr. Jorge Vazquez, PO.DAAC; Jessica Hausman, NASA HQ, Physical Oceanography Program
032, ASF, Vertex, Sentinel-1, RTC, On-Demand, data, services, tools February 24, 2021 Sentinel-1 On-Demand RTC Processing: Generating Analysis-Ready SAR Data with ASF Vertex Heidi Kristenson, ASF DAAC
033, Earthdata Search, data, services, tools February 3, 2021 Learn How to Discover, Access, and Customize Multiple Datasets (and Data Types) Using Earthdata Search Mark Reese, Element 84 Inc.
034, Earthdata Forum, ASDC, GES DISC, data, services, tools November 18, 2020 NASA's Earthdata Forum: Connect to a Growing Body of Expertise Crystal Gummo, ASDC DAAC
035, SEDAC, COVID-19, population, mapping, data, services, tools October 28, 2020

SEDAC’s Global COVID-19 Viewer, A User-Friendly Tool for Assessing Trends in Coronavirus Spread

Dr. Alex de Sherbinin, Joe Schumacher, SEDAC
036, GES DISC, OMI, OMPS, aerosols, dust, subsetting, Giovanni, data, services, tools September 23, 2020 A Clearer View of the Haze – Using NASA GES DISC Data Tools to Examine the June 2020 Sahara Dust Event over Barbados Dr. James Acker, GES DISC
037, ASF DAAC, SAR, GIS, data, services, tools August 6, 2020 Encore Presentation: Part 2, Applications of SAR Data in GIS Environments Heidi Kristenson, ASF DAAC
038, ASF DAAC, SAR, data, radar, services, tools August 4, 2020 Encore Presentation: Part 1, Introduction to SAR Data Heidi Kristenson, ASF DAAC
039, GHRC DAAC, cloud evolution, data, services, tools, Field Campaign Explorer July 23, 2020

Improving the DAAC User Experience with Cloud-based Capabilities

Dr. Geoffrey Stano, GHRC DAAC
Q & A Panelist: Will Ellett, UAH ITSC
040, ASF DAAC, SAR, GIS, data, services, tools July 9, 2020

Special Two-Part SAR Webinar: Part 2- Applications of SAR Data in GIS Environments

Heidi Kristenson, ASF DAAC
041, ASF DAAC, SAR, data, radar, services, tools July 7, 2020

Special Two-Part SAR Webinar: Part 1- Introduction to SAR Data

Heidi Kristenson, ASF DAAC
042, LPDAAC, land processes, GEDI, data, services, tools June 24, 2020 Find and Use GEDI, You Will—Getting Started with Global Ecosystems Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Lidar Data Dr. Michelle Hofton, GEDI Science Team, Cole Krehbiel, LP DAAC
043, NSIDC, snow, cryospheric science, data, services, tools May 6, 2020 Let It Snow! Accessing and Analyzing Snow Data at the NSIDC DAAC Dr. Walter Meier and Amy Steiker, NSIDC DAAC
044, ASDC, atmospheric science, data, services, wildfires, tools March 25, 2020 Data-Driven Storytelling: Using Atmospheric Data to Share Your Science Dr. Danielle Groenen, ASDC DAAC
045, PO.DAAC, cloud computing, SST, tools, data, services, Cumulus, SWOT March 18, 2020 Making Waves: PO.DAAC’s Journey from Servers to a Cloud Environment Dr. Catalina Oaida and Mike Gangl, PO.DAAC
046, OB.DAAC, ocean color, PACE, tools, data, services February 26, 2020 The History and Evolution of Satellite Remote Sensing Ocean Color Science
Robert Lossing, OB.DAAC
047, LANCE, NRT, FIRMS, Worldview, tools, visualize, data February 14, 2020 Discover NASA's Near Real-Time Data using LANCE Karen Michael and Diane Davies, LANCE
048, POPGRID, gridded population, GPW, HBASE, HRSL, tools, visualize, data, services December 3, 2019 Gridded Population and Settlement Data: An Introduction to the POPGRID Data Collaborative Dr. Alex de Sherbinin and Kytt MacManus, SEDAC
049, SAR, Vertex, tools, visualize, data, services, tools, Python November 20, 2019 Discover and Access SAR Data with ASF's Vertex: Better, Stronger, Faster Olena Ellis and Gregory Short, ASF DAAC
050, software, tools, visualize, standardize, archive, gridded geospatial data, netCDF, September 4, 2019 NetCDF Why and How: Creating Publication-Quality NetCDF Datasets Michele Thornton and Jack McNelis, ORNL DAAC
051, land processes data, services, tools, ACSI, survey, customer satisfaction, tutorials, videos, e-learning, file format August 22, 2019 Navigating NASA's LP DAAC to Find Answers to your Deepest Land Data Questions Danielle Golon, LP DAAC
052, GES DISC, ARSET, applied science, R, statistical analysis July 24, 2019 Gregory G. Leptoukh 4th Online Giovanni Workshop
Webinar #4:Using Giovanni and R to Analyze Data in an Undergraduate Remote Sensing Class
Dr. Guido Cervone, Associate Professor of Geography, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, The Pennsylvania State University.
053, advanced discovery, visualization, OpenAltimetry, filter, Python, land ice, sea ice, water, vegetation, laser altimeter, subsetting, reformatting, analysis, tools July 23, 2019 Explore, Access, and Customize ICESat-2 data at NASA's NSIDC DAAC Steve Tanner and Amy Steiker, NSIDC DAAC
054, GES DISC, ARSET, applied science, R, statistical analysis July 17, 2019 Gregory G. Leptoukh 4th Online Giovanni Workshop
Webinar #3: NASA Giovanni in 2019, and the New Images Selected to the Giovanni Hall of Fame
Dr. James Acker, GES DISC
055, GES DISC, ARSET, applied science, R, statistical analysis July 10, 2019 Gregory G. Leptoukh 4th Online Giovanni Workshop
Webinar #2: Giovanni within NASA's Applied Remote Sensing Training (ARSET) Program
Sean McCartney and Dr. Amita Mehta, ARSET Program
056, GES DISC, ARSET, applied science, R, statistical analysis June 26, 2019 Gregory G. Leptoukh 4th Online Giovanni Workshop 2019
Webinar #1: NASA Giovanni Applications to Earth Science Research: From Outcomes to Methods
Dr. Mark Jury, Professor of Meteorology, Physics Department, The University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez (UPRM)
057, advanced products toolbox, SAR, easy Docker, single command processing, ancillary files, layover shadow mask, inclination maps, interferometry, subsetting, change detection, time series. May 29, 2019 Easy Sentinel-1 Radiometrically Terrain-Correct (RTC) Products with ASF's Beta Toolbox
Q&A Session Only: Encore Presentation (6/12/19)
Andrew Johnston and Toni Abbey, ASF DAAC
058, lightning activity, LIS, flashes, Nepal, Bangladesh, post launch testing, PLT May 8, 2019

Discover NASA ISS Lightning and Associated Validation Data from GOES-R

Dr. Geoffrey Stano, GHRC DAAC
059, how, why, site architecture, technology choice, best practice, airborne observations, ground-based perspectives, principles, technologies, engineering April 30, 2019

Modern Website Engineering for STA3CD: Subsetting Tools for Advanced Analysis of Airborne Chemistry Data

Dr. Makhan Virdi, and Dr. Damian Gessler, ASDC DAAC
060, water, temperature, ecosystem, spaceborne, thermal, radiometer, experiment, land surface temperature, emissivity, canopy transpiration, soil evaporation, interception, water use efficiency, evaporative stress index, diurnal vegetation, water stress, carbon cycle, agriculture, drought detection, Python script March 28, 2019
ECOSTRESS: NASA's Next-Generation Mission to Measure Evapotranspiration from the International Space Station Dr. Joshua Fisher, ECOSTRESS Science Lead, NASA JPL; Cole Krehbiel, LP DAAC
Download Presentation
061, R GIS, spatial extent, overlay layers, reclassification, open source, geology, biology, environmental science, GIS March 13, 2019 Introduction to Geospatial Analysis in R Dr. Alison Boyer, Dr. Jessica Welch, ORNL DAAC
062, ocean color, sea surface temperature, SST, salinity, SSS, SeaBASS, in situ, oceanographic, atmospheric data, marine surveys, scientific buoys, autonomous robotic gliders, SeaDAS OBPG, biology February 6, 2019 Discover NASA Ocean Color Data, Services and Tools Robert Lossing, OB.DAAC
063, sensor technology, processing capability, data availability, Sentinel-1, geoscience discipline, cloud November 28, 2018 Making SAR Data Accessible—New Sensors, Tools and Services Dr. Franz Meyer, ASF DAAC
064, urbanization, socioeconomics, human geography, GMIS, population change, mapping, monitoring, high resolution, GLS, man-made impervious surface, HBASE, human built-up settlement extent, cover November 14, 2018 Mapping Global Urbanization from Landsat Data and High-Resolution Reference Data Dr. Eric Brown De Colstoun, NASA Goddard; Sri Vinay, SEDAC
065, browsing, retrieving, data discovery, data access, command line, scripted interaction, Drive, https October 24, 2018 Goodbye FTP, New Ways to Access NASA's Physical Oceanography Data at PO.DAAC Jessica Hausman and Dr. Lewis McGibbney, PO.DAAC
066, land data products, surface reflectance, vegetation index, fires, tools, application for extracting exploring analysis ready samples, AppEEARS, Jupyter Notebook, Python, image processing September 26, 2018 Land Ho! Exploring Earth’s Land Surface with Suomi NPP NASA VIIRS Land Data Danielle Golon and Cole Krehbiel, LP DAAC
067, user friendly tools, discover, subset, access, visualize, data quality, criteria, R, Python, Jupyter notebooks August 16, 2018 NASA ORNL DAAC MODIS and VIIRS Data Tools and Services at your Fingertips Dr. Rupesh Shrestha and Jack McNelis, ORNL DAAC
068, sea surface salinity, SSS, Aquarius, dissolved salt, seawater, ocean surface, water cycle, ocean circulation, climate, SAC-D, soil moisture, L-band, physical oceanography data August 8, 2018 Don't Pass the Salt! NASA's Salinity Mission Continues with SMAP Dr. Thomas Meissner, REMSS; Dr. Jorge Vazquez and Dr. Vardis Tsontos, PO.DAAC
069, airborne mission, Arctic, Antarctic, ICESat, polar regions, Greenland, glaciers, sea ice July 25, 2018 Operation IceBridge: Come Discover a Decade of Polar Data Steve Tanner, NSIDC DAAC
070, land surface, land management, natural resources, environment June 28, 2018 Discover and Access Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) from the USGS Archive Dr. Chris Barnes, USGS
071, VIIRS, MODIS, fires, natural resource management, HDF, web map service, WMS, time, WMS-T, downloads May 23, 2018 Discover NASA’s Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) Diane Davies, NASA LANCE
072, subsetter, level 2, SO2, swath data, latitude, longitude, cropped boxes, index variables, subset dimensions, dimensional subsetting, temporal subsetting, file structure, metadata, data types, attributes, ozone concentration, volcanic activity, wildfire emissions March 28, 2018 Learn How to Subset Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Data with the GES DISC Level 2 Data Subsetter Dr. James Acker, GES DISC
073, International Space Station, Lightning Imaging Sensor, Python, GIS, hurricane, amount, rate, energy, lightning flashes, GHRC, demonstration March 7, 2018 Striking New Spatial Bounds Using ISS LIS Data Leigh Sinclair, GHRC DAAC; Dr. Michael Peterson, ESSIC CICS-MD, University of Maryland (UMD).
074, citizen science, global learning, observations, benefit, environment, S'COOL, students, cloud, observations, trained, untrained, educators, programmers, GLOBE Observer app, GOES, Terra, Aqua, CALIPSO, neural networks February 28, 2018 NASA GLOBE Clouds: Matching Cloud Observations from Citizen Scientists with NASA/NOAA Satellite Data Marilé Colón Robles, Cayley Cruickshank-DeFontes, Dr. Brant Dodson, and Tina Rogerson, NASA GLOBE Clouds Program,
075, SOTO, physical oceanography data, toolkit, visualization, data comparison, capability, interactive, climate, phenomenon, ocean surface winds, topography, SSS, sea surface salinity, SST, temperature, ocean currents, circulation, soil moisture, surface precipitation, sea ice January 30, 2018 NASA PO.DAAC State Of The Ocean: I spy with my little eye something... Eric Tauer, Cathy To, Flynn Platt, Ed Armstrong, PO.DAAC
076, ocean color, SeaWiFS, archive, storage, ground truth, validation, atmosphere, chlorophyll-a, absorption, backscatter, attenuation coefficients, aerosol optical thickness, MODIS, Aqua, Terra, MERIS, Suomi NPP, VIIRS January 24, 2018
Bio-Optical in-situ Data Discovery and Access with SeaBASS Joel Scott, OB.DAAC
077, application, extracting, exploring, analysis, ready, samples, data extraction, bands, layers, time ranges, point locations, geospatial datasets October 19, 2017 Using NASA's AppEEARS to Slice and Dice Big Earth Data Aaron Friesz, LP DAAC
078, open, read, write, plot data, Daymet, meteorological variables, R, NCO, Operators, GDAL, Python, geospatial data abstraction library, techniques August 30, 2017 NetCD-what? An Ecologist’s Guide to Working with Daymet and other NetCDF-formatted Data Dr. Alison Boyer, Michele Thornton, ORNL DAAC
079, numerical weather prediction, forecasting cyclone genesis, space weather, GNSS, bending angle, refractivity profiles, low-Earth orbit, LEO, temperature, pressure, humidity, COSMIC-1, KOMPSAT-5, MetOp July 19, 2017 GNSS Radio Occultation Science and Applications Dr. Jan Weiss, CDAAC, UCAR (Designated CDDIS Webinar)
080, LDAS, land data assimilation system, atmosphere, land, ocean, MERRA-2, hourly, daily, monthly, subsetter, regridder, OPeNDAP, GrADS data server, MATLAB, R, IDV June 28, 2017 Access and Visualize Model Data at NASA's GES DISC Dana Ostrenga, GES DISC
081, access, science disciplines, data search, inventory, browse images, filtering, subsetting May 31, 2017 Discover and Access NASA's Earth Science Data with Earthdata Search Mark Reese, Element 84, Inc.
082, ASTER, VIIRS, surface reflectance, Suomi NPP, MODIS, georeference data, GeoTIFF, format, NDVI, three-band GGB composite April 27, 2017 R You Ready to Python? An Introduction to Working with Land Remote Sensing Data in R and Python Aaron Friesz and Cole Krehbiel, LP DAAC
083, monitor change, examine anomalies, quasi climatology, baseline averaging, NetCDF, CSV, map array, lat-lon data value triads April 5, 2017 Create Difference Maps for NASA Data with Panoply, Giovanni and Excel Dr. James Acker, GES DISC
084, ocean color, sea surface temperature, SST, salinity, SSS, SeaBASS, in situ, oceanographic, atmospheric, marine survey, scientific buoy, autonomous robotic gliders, SeaDAS March 22, 2017 Discover NASA's Ocean Color Data and Services at NASA's OB.DAAC Robert Lossing, OB.DAAC
085, Copernicus, in-depth filtering, metadata, data download, browser, all-weather, day-night, high-resolution, landscape-level data, mapping, detecting wetlands, oil spills, landslides, deformation, sea ice February 22, 2017 Access Sentinel-1 SAR Data with NASA ASF DAAC's Vertex! William Hauer, ASF DAAC
086, hazardous weather, dynamic, physical process, airborne, in situ, field campaign February 8, 2017 Atmospheric Event-based Research using GHRC Tools and Services Amanda Weigel, GHRC DAAC
087, clouds, microwave radiation, high latitudes, long polar night, Arctic sea ice, gridded passive data, intersensor calibration, EASE-Grid, MEaSUREs, ESDR, SMMR, SSM/I, SSMIS, AMSR-E, netCDF, IDL, ENVI, GDAL, Panoply February 1, 2017 A New Era for Gridded Passive Microwave Data at NASA's NSIDC DAAC Mary Jo Brodzik, NSIDC DAAC
088, ambient air pollution, coastal eutrophication, biomass burning, ROSES, global grids, PM2.5, particulate matter, urban heat island, UHI, nitrogen dioxide, NO2, fire emissions November 28, 2016 Encore Presentation: Remote Sensing Derived Environmental Indicators for Decision Making Dr. Alex deSherbinin, SEDAC
089, ambient air pollution, coastal eutrophication, biomass burning, ROSES, global grids, PM2.5, particulate matter, urban heat island, UHI, nitrogen dioxide, NO2, fire emissions November 21,2016 Remote Sensing Derived Environmental Indicators for Decision Making Dr. Alex deSherbinin, SEDAC
090, high-level parameter groups, mission, platform, flight data ranges, climate change, air quality, INTEX-NA, NEAQS-ITCT, INTEX-B/MILAGRO, TexAQS2006, ARCTAS, ARCPAC, CalNEX, DISCOVER-AQ, DC3, SEAC4RS October 26, 2016 Improve your Airborne Data Discovery and Access with Toolsets for Airborne Data (TAD) Amanda Early and Aubrey Beach, ASDC
091, HiTIDE, subsetting, tool, swath data, gravity, ocean winds, currents, sea surface topography, salinity, sea surface temperature, SST, visualization, extraction, level 2, Drive September 28, 2016 Discover, Access, and Subset NASA Physical Oceanography Data Mike Gangl and Aaron Plave, PO.DAAC
092, data collection, quality control, data documentation, analysis August 29, 2016 Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) Data Management Best Practices Suresh Vannan, Dr. Alison Boyer, Dr. Yaxing Wei, NASA ORNL DAAC
093, distinguish precipitation data products, delineate the different ways users can get the data, visualization and analysis tools and services August 24, 2016 TRMM and GPM Precipitation Products and Services at NASA's GES DISC Dr. James Acker, NASA GES DISC
094, full resolution imagery, natural phenomena, map interface, science disciplines, wildfire monitoring, air quality research, education, natural events illustration, open source, GIBS, imagery products July 28,2016 Explore the Entire Earth, Every Day, with Satellite Imagery from NASA Worldview Ryan Boller, ESDIS, NASA Goddard and Taylor Gunnoe, SSAI, NASA Goddard
095, ocean radar, altimeter, POD, ocean surface, topography, changes, Jason, radial RMS precision June 29, 2016 NASA Space Geodesy Data for Precise Orbit Determination of Altimeter Satellites Dr. Frank Lemoine, Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory, NASA Goddard
096, freely and publicly available software, desktop, laptop, computers, process, visualize, analyze remotely-sensed data June 15, 2016 SeaDAS: Enabling the Study of our Planet from Space Daniel Knowles, OB.DAAC
097, data recovery, technology improvements, old data, treasure hunt, data exploration, long-term, climate change May 18, 2016 Satellite Techno-Archeology: Old Data Answers New Questions David Gallaher, NSIDC DAAC
098, VNIR, SWIR, TIR, spectral range, geology, soils, urban studies, vegetation, ecosystem dynamics, volcano, hazards monitoring, hydrology, land change, telescope, DEM, GDEM, infrared, L1T, precision, systematic, GIS, surface emissivity, reflectance, kinetic temperature, radiance, orthorectified register, Lahar Modeling, Data Pool May 3, 2016 A View from NASA Terra's Zoom Lens: All about the ASTER Sensor Lindsey Harriman and Danielle Golon, LP DAAC
099, physical oceanography data, tools, ADVICE, data visualization, interpretation, communication, engagement, series, data user, salinity science, research, PO.DAAC. SAC-D, Level 3, poster session April 28, 2016 NASA Aquarius Data Training Session #4 (Virtual Poster Session)
*Share “salinity story” during an online poster session
Annette deCharon (University of Maine)
100, physical oceanography data, tools, ADVICE, data visualization, interpretation, communication, engagement, series, data user, salinity science, research, PO.DAAC. SAC-D, Level 3, poster session April 21, 2016 NASA Aquarius Data Training Session #3
* Use Aquarius Level-3 data visualization tools

* Tips on communicating your “salinity story" effectively
Annette deCharon (University of Maine) and Dr. Vardis Tsontos, PO.DAAC)
101, physical oceanography data, tools, ADVICE, data visualization, interpretation, communication, engagement, series, data user, salinity science, research, PO.DAAC. SAC-D, Level 3, poster session April 14, 2016 NASA Aquarius Data Training Session #2

* Discover Aquarius data from the PO.DAAC

* Access Aquarius data using a variety of tools
Annette deCharon (University of Maine), Dr. Vardis Tsontos (PO.DAAC), and Dr. Leslie Smith (Your Ocean Consulting, Ltd.)
102, physical oceanography data, tools, ADVICE, data visualization, interpretation, communication, engagement, series, data user, salinity science, research, PO.DAAC. SAC-D, Level 3, poster session April 7, 2016 NASA Aquarius Data Training Session #1

* Learn the basics of Aquarius/SAC-D from Dr. Tony Lee (JPL)

* Become familiar with Aquarius salinity data resources

* Understand the structure of Aquarius data
Dr. Tony Lee (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Annette deCharon (University of Maine), and Dr. Vardis Tsontos (PO.DAAC)
103, surface meteorology, solar energy, SSE, geospatial tools, solar panel, mapping application, ArcGIS, image service, capabilities March 23, 2016 Connecting to NASA Renewable Energy Data Resources with GIS Jason Barnett, ASDC
104, BEDI, Big Earth Data Initiative, OPeNDAP, middleware, metadata services, API, application program interfaces, AppEEARS, application for extracing and exploring analysis ready samples, point extraction, tool capabilities March 15, 2016 Access NASA Land Processes Data with Web Based Services Jason Werpy, LP DAAC
105, mission flight information, instrument status, weather reports, summary statistics, airborne science data, interactive exploration, visual playback, mission flights, subset, HS3, hurricane, severe storm sentinel February 24, 2016 Explore, Discover, and Use Field Campaign and Related Data
Manil Maskey, GHRC DAAC
106, access, science disciplines, data search, inventory, browse images, filtering, subsetting February 11, 2016 Discover Earth Science Data with NASA Earthdata Search Patrick Quinn, EOSDIS EED
107, enhancements, data server, aggregations, pulled, user authentication, extended web services, BEDI, Big Earth Data Initiative, pushed, pulled, NetCDF, CSV, source-data arrays, DAP2, DAP4OGC, GIS, JSON November 19, 2015 Share Data with OPeNDAP Hyrax: New Features and Improvements James Gallagher, OPeNDAP
108, hazards, disasters, population, infrastructure, event, major dams, nuclear power plants, settlements, floow, tornado warnings, air quality, fires, earthquakes, NRT, near real-time November 18, 2015 Rapid Assessment of Hazard Impacts—NASA SEDAC Hazard Mapper Dr. Greg Yetman, SEDAC/CIESIN
109, multifaceted approach, flexible, collections, discover, data management, human, financial resources November 12, 2015 Metadata Recommendations, Dialects, Evaluation and Improvement Dr. Ted Habermann, The HDF Group
110, visualize, subset, manage, archive, distribute, ocean surface winds, topography, sea surface salinity, SSS, SST, temperature, gravity, ocean currents, circulation November 3, 2015 Discover and Use NASA Physical Oceanography Data Dr. Michelle Gierach and Jessica Hausman, PO.DAAC
111, ArcGIS, QGIS, Geoserver, framework, documentation, plug-in, construction, certification, GIS, ESRI, GMU, HDF Group October 29, 2015 Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) Enhancements for GIS Matthew Tisdale and Brian Tisdale, ASDC
112, HDF, HDF-EOS, THREDDS, data server, AppEEARS, middleware, BEDI, Panoply, ArcGIS September 29, 2015 Simplified NASA Earth Science Data Access through OPeNDAP Dr.Yaxing Wei (ORNL DAAC), Aaron Friesz (LP DAAC), and Matthew Tisdale (ASDC)
113, PALSAR, phased array, L-band September 23, 2015 Discover Simplified SAR Solutions at NASA's ASF DAAC Rebecca Miller, ASF DAAC
114, space geodesy, laser ranging, VLBI, very long baseline interferometry, doppler orbitography radio-positioning, DORIS, IAG, IGS, RTS, PPP, precise point positioning, disaster monitoring July 22, 2015 Accessing Real-Time GNSS Data and Derived Products from NASA's CDDIS Carey Noll, Dr. Patrick Michael and Lori Tyahla, CDDIS
115, radar, L-band, freeze, thaw, detection, SAR, radiometer, shared antenna, HiRes swath grid, arrays, HDF5, spacecraft data group, sigma0 data group, sigma0 slice data group, metadata, XML, CF, EASE Grid, SSM/I, SMMR, AVHRR, L1A, L1B, L1C, carbon, CO2, carbon dioxide May 14, 2015 NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission Data Products Dr. Barry Weiss, Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission Systems Architect, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
116, access, visualize, download, Giovanni-4, MODIS, AOD, aerosol optical depth, time series, atmospheric data, LAADS, federated, multi-discipline, research May 6, 2015 Redesigning Giovanni: More Data, More Plots, Faster Results Dr. James Acker, GES DISC
117, ArcGIS, OPeNDAP, ncWMS, tropospheric, atmospheric chemistry, MOPITT, MISR, CERES, TES, CALIPSO, NetCDF, GRIB, HDF, REST, WMS web map service April 29, 2015 Improving Accessibility and Use of NASA Earth Science Data Matthew Tisdale and Brian Tisdale, ASDC
118, cryospheric data, data catalog, dataset differentiation, what, how, relevance ranking algorithm April 16, 2015 Discovering and Differentiating Data with the NSIDC Search Amanda Leon, NSIDC DAAC
119, geospatial, metadata, ISO 19115:2003, 19115-2:2009, 19115-1:2014, 19157:2014, 19130:2010, fundamentals, data quality, imagery sensor models, XML schema, codeLists, UML classes, CI_Citation, MD_Identifier, CI_RoleCole, MD_DataIdentification, DQ_DataQuality, LI_Lineage, LE_ProcessStep, MI_AcquisitionInformation, MD_GridSpatialRepresentation, UUID, ECS February 19, 2015 Implementing the ISO 19115 model: NASA Earth Science Data Dr. Barry Weiss, Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission Systems Architect, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
120, GPW, global population density, target years, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020, quality metrics, essential metadata, grids, land area estimates, inland water location, fraction January 29, 2015 Discover NASA's Gridded Population of the World Dr. Erin Doxsey-Whitfield, Kytt MacManus, SEDAC
121, HDF, XML, JPEG, browse, metadata, Data Pool, ASTER, MODIS, WELD, SRTM December 3, 2014 Diving into the NASA Data Pools with DAAC2Disk Kelly Lemig, LP DAAC
122, information filtering, infographics, analytics dashboard, motivation, architecture, ontology, relevancy ranking, hurricanes, storm statistics, data discovery, severe storms November 19, 2014 Data Albums: An Event Driven Data Discovery and Access Tool Ken Keiser and Ajinkya Kulkarni, GHRC DAAC
123, West Africa, air quality, Saharan dust, health risk, aerosol monitoring, public health care, EUMETSAT, Senegal, opitcal depth, angstrom, albedo, UV index, absorption November 10, 12-14, 2014 2nd Gregory G. Leptoukh Online Giovanni Workshop Hosted by the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC)
124, spectral resolution, OLI, Operational Land Imager, SWIR, Thermal IR, NIR, false color, pseudo natural color, panchromatic, L1T, terrain, quality assessment, climate data record, CDR, essential climate variables, ECV, NDVI, EVI, SAVI, MSAVI, NDMI, NBR October 8, 2014 Know your Landsat: Understanding and Accessing Landsat Data Laura Rocchio and Jeannie Allen, NASA; Linda Jonescheit Owen, USGS
125, maximum temperature, minimum, shortwave radiation, vapor pressure, snow water equivalent, precipitation, day length, Gridded Daily Data, tiles, mosaics, THREDDS, netCDF, single pixel extraction, REST URL, TDS, OGC, WCS, WMS, subset September 25, 2014 Accessing Daymet Data Through Web-Based Tools and Services Dr. Michele Thornton, Yaxing Wei and Ranjeet Devarakonda, ORNL DAAC
126, NRT, FIRMS, fire information, rapid response, worldview, GIBS, global imagery browse services, MODIS, true color, Aqua, AIRS, MLS, Terra, OMI, Aura, hotspot, active fire data September 24, 2014 Discover NASA Near Real-Time Earth Science Data using LANCE Diane Davies, LANCE
127, MEaSUREs, shuttle radar topography, SRTM, WELD, SDSU, web enabled Landsat, DEM, digital elevation model, ASTER, GDEM, GMTED, terrain, NED, national elevation dataset, mangrove height, biomass July 23, 2014 Discover New Data Products at NASA's LP DAAC Kari Beckendorf, LP DAAC
128, Earth science, planetary, heliophysics, astrophysics, astrobiology, space bioscience, aeronautics, engineering, human exploration, research, management, peer review, fellows, patents June 11, 2014 Fellowship Opportunities with the NASA Postdoctoral Program Dr. Larry Voorhees, NASA Postdoctoral Program
129, GNSS, SLR, VLBI, DORIS, geometry, gravity field, rotation, plate motion, solid Earth tide, loading phenomena, networks, radio, optical, quasar, broadcast, TRF, terrestrial reference frame, space segment, ground segment, GLONASS, IRNSS, QZSS, Beidou, Galileo, GPS, laser ranging, interferometry, IGS, ILRS, IVS, IDS May 28, 2014 Discover NASA's Archive for Space Geodesy Data: CDDIS Carey Noll and Lori Tyahla, CDDIS
130, radiation budget, clouds, aerosols, tropospheric chemistry, receive, archive, process, distribute, CERES, ERBE, SSE, SRB, ISCCP, CALIPSO, MISR, AirMSPI, TES, MOPITT, greenhouse gases, CO2, CH4, O3, N2O, water droplets, GEWEX, meteorology, polarimetric, solar energy April 23, 2014 Discover and Access Atmospheric Data from NASA's ASDC Michelle Cook and Mary Jane Saddington, ASDC
131, DAAC, ESMO, ASF, PO.DAAC, NSIDC, LP DAAC, GHRC, SEDAC, GES DISC, CDDIS, OB.DAAC, ASDC, LAADS, ORNL, GHRC, data services, distribution, NRT, near real-time, LANCE, AIRS, MLS, MODIS, OMI, atmosphere, cryosphere, land, human dimension, ocean, radiance, GCMD, CMR, Worldview, GIBS March 26, 2014 A Beginner's Tour: NASA EOSDIS Data Discovery and Access Jennifer Brennan, EOSDIS Communications, NASA GSFC
132, radar data, SAR, ERS, JERS, ALOS, RADARSAT, AIRSAR, UAVSAR, Seasat, MEaSUREs, SMAP, InSAR, terrestrial ecology, Vertex February 26, 2014 Real-Life Uses of Radar Data for Real-Life Scientists Michelle Harbin, ASF DAAC
133, global change master directory, discovery, collection level metadata, science, service keywords, series, dataset, granule, Earth science dataset descriptions, climate diagnostics, ancillary descriptions, tools, instruments, platforms, projects, providers, docBUILDER, OAI-PMH, bulk uploader, MWS, FTP, DIFs, SERFs, harvesting, protocol January 22, 2014 Discover Earth Science Data and Services using NASA GCMD Tyler Stevens, GCMD
134, human dimensions, environmental change, social science data, remote sensing, GIS, geospatial data, grid, polygon, point, CIESIN, GPW, Gridded Population of the World, settlement points, GRUMP, urban extents, population density, urban expansion, elderly, infant mortality, poverty, child malnutrition, HANPP, LECZ, sea level rise, human footprint, gROADS, global dams, natural disaster hotspots, anthropogenic biomes, agricultural lands, global fertilizer, species, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide emissions, food supply November 20, 2013 Explore NASA Socioeconomic Data using Web Mapping Services Dr. Alex de Sherbinin and Sri Vinay, SEDAC
135, airborne mission, sea ice, Greenland, Antarctica, Arctic, Alaska, glaciers September 25, 2013 Operation IceBridge Portal—Discover a Wealth of Polar Data (Part 1)
Operation IceBridge Portal—Discover a Wealth of Polar Data (Part 2)
Steve Tanner, NSIDC DAAC
136, terrestrial ecology, carbon cycle, ecosystems, land validation, model code, field campaign, NACP, North American Carbon Program, National Hydropower Asset Assessment Project, geospatial data, feature data, coverage data, AmeriFlux, datum, projection, SRID, SRS, spatial reference system, Daymet, SWEET September 11, 2013 Environmental Data Management Best Practices: Part 2 Geospatial Data Suresh K.S. Vannan and Yaxing Wei, ORNL DAAC
137, metadata, descriptors, documentation, content, parameters, data collaboration, sharing, raster, GeoTIFF, netCDF, HDF, ASCII, vector, shapefile, KML, GML September 10, 2013 Environmental Data Management Best Practices: Part 1 Tabular Data Suresh K.S. Vannan and Dr. Robert Cook, ORNL DAAC
138, data centers, DAACs, SIPS, Terra, Aqua, MODIS, ASTER, METI, cloud properties, vegetation index, surface mineralogy, soil, surface temperature, emissivity, surface topography, digital elevation model, DEM, GDEM, NAALSED, land surface emissivity database, EROS, Earth Explorer August 28, 2013 How To Access NASA ASTER and MODIS Data with Earth Explorer Tool Kelly Lemig, LP DAAC
139, field campaign, land validation, model archive, web service, SOAP, hyperspectral, Terra, Aqua July 24, 2013 MODIS Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool Tammy Walker Beatty and Suresh K.S. Vannan, ORNL DAAC
140, geospatial, visualization, analysis, interface, data maps, data plots, TRMM, OMI, NO2, MODIS, aerosol optical depth, correlation, sea surface tempearture, SST, chlorophyll, MERRA, net downward radiation flux, shortwave, longwave, animation, NLDAS, Hovmoller diagram, X-Y scatterplot, vertical profile, AIRS, histogram, interactive June 26, 2013 Giovanni—Access and Visualize Earth Science Data Online Dr. James Acker, GES DISC
141, sea surface temperature, SST, ENSO, El Nino, Southern Oscillation, data discovery, OPeNDAP, THREDDS, LAS, netCDF, COARDS, atmosphere research, GCMD, GIF, FGDC, swath, gridded, blended, temporal range, spatial coverage, TDS, LAS, Live Access Server, PMEL, SOTO, State of the Ocean, SSH, wind vectors, ocean color, salinity, hurricane tracks, currents, clouds May 30, 2013 GHRSST Data Discovery and Access Tools Dr. Ed Armstrong, Dr. Michelle Gierach, Dr. Jorge Vasquez and Rosanna Sumagaysay-Aouda, PO.DAAC
142, SST, infrared, IR, MW, microwave, polar, geostationary, in situ, GODAE, sea ice edge, ENSO, El Nino, La Nina, Southern Oscillation, AVHRR, decadal trends, FishTrack, fisheries, MUR, G1SST, high resolution, temperature, Ourocean, NCDC, OSTIA, REMSS, Paita, Pisco, Hovmoller Diagram, upwelling scales May 29, 2013 GHRSST Sea Surface Temperature Data Discovery and Access Dr. Ed Armstrong, Dr. Michelle Gierach, Dr. Jorge Vasquez and Rosanna Sumagaysay-Aouda, PO.DAAC

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