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Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science (ACCESS) Program Past Projects

NASA's Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science (ACCESS) Program develops and implements technologies to effectively manage, discover, and utilize NASA’s archive of Earth observations for scientific research and applications. 

Awarded ACCESS projects (2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017) have significantly advanced discovery, management, use, and analysis of large and complex Earth science datasets and have benefited the research and applied science communities.

Search the ACCESS projects below by clicking in the search box and entering in a keyword term, such as a DAAC (ASDC, NSIDC, SEDAC, etc.), an instrument/mission (GRACE, MODIS, TROPOMI, etc.), or science term (surface mass, snow cover, tomography, etc.). The search results will narrow down the table entries applicable to the search keyword entered.

Hidden Column Year Title Category
01 , 1, Anthony Arendt, Washington, Earth system science, ESS, HPC, high performance computing, commercial cloud, AWS, DAAC, storage, open source, JupyterHub, CMR, GIBS, Python, API, Xarray, Dask, OPeNDAP, NLDAS, land data assimilation, GRACE, gravity, Sentinel, SAR 2017 Community Tools for Analysis of NASA Earth Observation System Data in the Cloud cloud computing
02 , 1, Patrick Heimback, Texas, ocean circulation, climate, variability, cloud native system, Earth science data, PO.DAAC, global state, temperature, salinity, atmosphere, heat fluxes, sea level, OGCM, NSIDC, CMR 2017 Data Access and the ECCO Ocean and Ice State Estimate water and energy cycle
03 , 1, Hook Hua, JPL, SAR, geodetic imaging, solid Earth, cryosphere, ecosystems, volcano inflation, AOI, AIST, ARIA, advanced rapid imaging, Level 3, time domain based feature detection, interferogram, Sentinel, ISRO, NISAR, CMR, AWS, persistent scatterer, machine learning 2017 Multi-Temporal Anomaly Detection for SAR Earth Observations cloud computing
04 , 1, Michael Rilee, cloud optimized, spatial component, HTM, hierarchical, triangular mesh, temporal, subsetting, processing, SciDB, 2017 STARE: SpatioTemporal Adaptive-Resolution Encoding to Unify Diverse Earth Science Data for Integrative Analysis Earth surface and interior
05 , 1, Jeff Walter, Langley, Cumulus, GDAL, GEE, MOPITT, CERES, COTS, open source, GIS, QGIS, ACSI, Envi, georeferenced, multidimensional, GWSWG, working group, web services, BEDI, MRF, MetaRaster Format, ASDC, Lambda Function, GeoServer, mosaic, netCDF 2017 Systematic Data Transformation to Enable Web Coverage Services (WCS) and ArcGIS Image Services within ESDIS Cumulus Cloud cloud computing
06 , 1, Larry Di Girolamo, Illinois, Yan Liu, John Towns, Shaowen Wang, Guangyu Zhao, Muqun Wang, HDF Group, Terra, ASTER, MOPITT, MISR, CERES, MODIS, atmosphere, cloud, Climate Marble 2015 ACCESS to Terra Data Fusion Products climate variability and change
07 , 1, Adrian Borsa, California, Chaitanya Baru, Helena Fricker, Viswanath Nandigam, Christopher Crosby, California, Siri Jodha Khalsa, UNAVCO, ICESat, laser altimetry, ice sheet, mass balance, cloud, aerosol heights, topography, vegetation, OpenAltimetry, NSIDC DAAC, PostgreSQL HDF waveform energy, photon, GLAS 2015 Advanced Discovery, Processing, and Visualization Services for ICESat and ICESat-2 Altimeter Data climate variability and change
08 , 1, Yehuda Bock, California, Scripps, SIO, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, eruption, Fukushima nuclear facility, NOAA, TWC, warning center, Alaska, Hawii, GWORM, GPS in Earthworm, GNSS, global navigation, SOPAC. orbit, array center 2015 Deploying Technology for Distributed Use of Global Navigation Satellite System Products in Earthquake and Tsunami Warning Earth surface and interior
09 , 1, Andrea Donnellan, JPL, Jay Parker, Robert Granat, Michael Heflin, Marlon Pierce, Jun Wang, Indiana, John Rundle, California, Lisa Grant Ludwig, geodetic imaging, SAR, InSAR, GPS, seismicity data, discovery, data quality, UAVSAR, NISAR, Montecito Debris, Thomas Fire, Santa Barbara 2015 Enhanced Access to NASA Heterogeneous Geodetic Imaging Products through GeoGateway Analysis, Modeling, and Response Tools Earth surface and interior
10 , 1, John Readey, HDF Group, Andrew Michaelis, Ames, Jordan Henderson, HDF Group, supercomputing, data volume, petabype, optimization, HSDS, highly scalable data service, REST, AWS, Docker container, cluster, Kubernetes, compression, hyperslab, point selection, SQL, H5pyd, HS CLI, Python, Kita 2015 HSDS: Object Store-Based Data Service for Earth System Science climate variability and change
11 , 1, Riley Duren, JPL, Andrew Thorpe, Brian Bue, Rob Tapella, David Thompson, Francesca Hopkins, California, methane, CH4, greenhouse gas, tropospheric ozone, trace gases, growth rate, fossil fuel, livestock farming, landfills, wastewater treatment, rice cultivation, airborne imaging, AVIRIS-NG, HyTES, New Mexico, Colorado, portal 2015 MSF: Methane Source Finder carbon cycle and ecosystems
12 , 1, Thomas Clune, Goddard, Kwo-Sen Kuo, Robert Wolfe, Asen Radov, Bill Putman, NOAA, David Randall, Colorado, Michael Rilee, grid resolution, open access, geogrid, icosahedral, cubed sphere, estimation technique, MODIS, GPM, TRMM, rainfall, LAADS DAAC 2015 NASA Open-Access Geo-Gridding Infrastructure (NOGGIn): An Integrated Service for Next-Generation Modeling, Analysis, and Retrieval Evaluation with Error Estimates water and energy cycle
13 , 1, Vardis Tsontos, JPL, Nga Quach, Charles Thompson, Flynn Platt, Joe Roberts, Lewis McGibbney, Chi Hin Lam, Boston, Sean Arms, Unidata, UCAR, in situ, field campaign, marine animal electronic tagging, sea surface temperature, SST, visualization tool, CMC, common mapping client, software framework, ROSETTA, THREDDS, Tagbase, DMAS, data management archive 2015 OIIP: Oceanographic In-situ data Interoperability Project climate variability and change
14 , 1, Petr Votava, Ames, Earth Exchange, Docker, Linux, tools, data services, software reuse 2015 OpenNEX: Enabling Code-to-Data Migration between High-Performance Computing, Cloud and Beyond climate variability and change
15 , 1, Gao Chen, Langley, Morgan Silverman, Damian Gessler, Crystal Gummo, Emily Northup, Aubrey Beach, Amanda Early, Glover Barker, Tim See, ASDC, aircraft, atmospheric trace gases, aerosols, TAD, toolsets for airborne data, geographical range, vertical profile, metadata, faceted search, ICARTT, transport, airborne chemistry 2015 STA3CD: Subsetting Tools for Advanced Analysis of Airborne Chemistry Data atmospheric composition
16 , 1, Charlie Zender, California, SLD, swath like data, non rectangular, time varying spatial grids, Level 3, subsets, NCO, netCDF, mask irregular, ocean basins, Greenland, cryospheric region, GES DISC, ASDC, Giovanni, Level 2 2013 Easy Access to and Analysis of NASA and Model Swath-Like Data climate variability and change
17 , 1, Paul Stackhouse, ASDC, RETScreen, applied science, surface meteorology, solar energy, sustainable buildings, agroclimatology, ASCII, GIS, SSE, OpenGIS, ESRI, on the fly, OGC, WMS, WCS, WFS, WPS, web service, geospatial platform 2013 Enabling Web-Based GIS Tools for Internet and Mobile Devices to Improve and Expand NASA Data Accessibility and Analysis Functionality for Renewable Energy and Agricultural Applications carbon cycle and ecosystems
18 , 1, Ed Armstrong, JPL, OPeNDAP, LAS, live access server, THREDDS, DAAC, flag, metric, geophysical, data quality, RESTful, w10n, CF, climate forecast, GHRSST, sea surface temperature, SST, SMAP, soil moisture, metadata requirements 2013 Enhanced Quality Screening for Earth Science Data carbon cycle and ecosystems
19 , 1, William Teng, ADNET, digital divide, hydrology, CUAHSI, hydrologic information system, HIS, NLDAS, land data assimilation, GES DISC, SSW, simple subset wizard, GEOSS, AIP, pilot phase, water services, OGC, GCI, common infrastructure, GLDAS, geographic domain, time interval, SSW, API, OTF, on the fly, WFS, web feature service, use cases 2013 Enhancement of Mutual Discovery, Search, and Access of Data for Users of NASA and GEOSS-Cataloged Data Systems water and energy cycle
20 , 1, Michael Wimberly, South Dakota, land use change, human health, epidemiological research, EASTWeb, spatial technology, mosaic, GIS, Java, GDAL, PostgreSQL, LP DAAC, GES DISC, FEWS, famine early warning, malaria, Ethiopia, West Nile virus, NIH, Wimberly, remote sensing 2013 Expanding Earth Science Data Access for Public Health Research and Applications carbon cycle and ecosystems
21 , 1, Chris Lynnes, Goddard, GES DISC, Giovanni, map overlay, correlation map, scatterplots, difference maps, time series overlay, LAADS DAAC, ASDC, multimission, multiinstrument, database support 2013 Federated Giovanni for Multi-Sensor Data Exploration carbon cycle and ecosystems
22 , 1, Andrea Donnellan, JPL, GPS, InSAR, UAVSAR, geodetic imaging, QuakeSim, E-DECIDER, web interface, earthquake faults, WPS, web processing service, framework, REST, state transfer 2013 Geodetic Imaging Gateway for Modeling, Analysis and Response Earth surface and interior
23 , 1, David Blodgett, USGS, LP DAAC, MODIS, ASDC, CERES, census, climate change, wildlife science, soil water balance model, hydrologic cycle, CIDA, THREDDS, open source, GeoTools, and GeoServer, GDP, geo data portal, NCCWSC, NWC, ecology, NOAA 2013 High Performance Multidisciplinary Open Standard Data Services to Serve Terrestrial Environmental Modeling carbon cycle and ecosystems
24 , 1, Chris Currey, ASDC, climate science, calibration, wavelength, view angle, NOAA, GSICS, OPeNDAP, web interface, RESTful, API, IFOV, instantaneous field of view, spectral grid, CERES, CrIS, VIIRS, GOES, SCIAMACHY, Libya, Dome C 2013 Multi-Instrument Intercalibration (MIIC) Framework: Extensions and Deployment climate variability and change
25 , 1, Ramakrishna Nemani, Ames, NEX, Earth Exchange, climate data, SciDB, working group, analytics infrastructure, workflow 2013 NASA Earth Exchange: Improving Access to Large-Scale Data Analytics Infrastructure carbon cycle and ecosystems
26 , 1, Molly Brown, Goddard, climate change, weather variability, innovative technologies, Africa, AGRA, agriculture, nFarms, farmers, traders 2013 NASA Earth Science Data Products for AGRA Farmer Management and Agro-Input Cell Phone Systems carbon cycle and ecosystems
27 , 1, Charles Meertens, UNAVCO, GPS, East Africa Rift, seismometer, AfricaArray, volcano deformation, model, geodetic seamless archive center, time series, JPL, GNSS, GIPSY OASIS, GREAT, earthquake, tsunami, USGS 2013 Plug and Play GPS for Earth Scientists: Providing Immediate Access to Low-Latency Geodetic Products for Rapid Modeling and Analysis of Natural Hazards Earth surface and interior
28 , 1, William Teng, Wylie, digital divide, hydrology, climatology, meteorology, watershed, river reach, point observation, CUAHSI, GES DISC, precipitation, PDISC, hydrology, HDISC, MODIS, Giovanni, NLDAS, land data assimilation, WaterML, HIS, OpenGIS, CS-W, use cases 2011 Bridging the Digital Divide between Discrete and Continuous Space-Time Array Data to Enhance the Accessibility to and Usability of NASA Earth Sciences Data for the Hydrological Community water and energy cycle
29 , 1, Hook Hua, JPL, A-Train, MERRA, long term record, hydrologic cycle, water vapor, clouds, temperature, model grids, Level 2, ARRA, recovery, data discovery, subsetting, sampling, quality screening, regridding, collocation, data sharing, voluminous data transfer, ECMWF, weather forecasts, probability density function 2011 CCMODS: Collaborative Climate Model and Observational Data Services climate variability and change
30 , 1, Rahul Ramachandran, Alabama, atmospheric science research, climatology, hurricane science, data album, Noesis, geophysical parameters, geolocation, focus areas, water, energy cycle, prediction, GHRC DAAC, SPoRT, transition, convective weather, Drupal, repository, ESIP 2011 Curated Data Albums for Earth Science Case Studies water and energy cycle
31 , 1, Deanna Pennington, Texas, EDAC, Earth data analysis center, web service, Lifemapper, future species, distribution model, climate change, IF-THEN-ELSE, semantic web, provenance, algorithm selection, model parameter, human, environment system, human health, infectious disease 2011 Earth, Life and Semantic Web (ELSeWeb): An Earth observation-driven, Semantic Web system for computational modeling of the impact of changing climate on ecosystems and human/environmental health system carbon cycle and ecosystems
32 , 1, William Emmanuel, Pacific, integrated assessment, IA, AVHRR, high resolution, climate change, assessment model, demography, energy, agriculture, forest, land use, greenhouse gas, emission, terrestrial ecosystem, biogeochemistry, biodiversity, land cover, version control, file synchronization 2011 Enabling Centralized Access to Land Cover Data for Climate Change Integrated Assessment Modeling carbon cycle and ecosystems
33 , 1, David Roy, South Dakota, MEaSUREs, web enabled, Landsat, ETM+, enhanced thematic mapper, mosaic, Alaska, WYSIWYG, USGS, EROS, user requirements, map projections, OGC compliant, LP DAAC, DataPool, DAAC2Disk, Worldview, AppEEARS, Earthdata Search 2011 Enhanced Web Enabled Landsat Data (WELD) Access carbon cycle and ecosystems
34 , 1, Chris Currey, ASDC, climate science, calibration, LEO, low Earth orbit, GEO, geostationary, CALVAL, infrared, optical data, AVHRR, MODIS, VIIRS, decadal survey, CLARREO, TRUTHS, absolute radiance, radiometry, helio, XML, OPeNDAP, disk servers, cloud properties 2011 Multi-Instrument Inter-Calibration (MIIC) Framework climate variability and change
35 , 1, Meemong Lee, JPL, streamlined interface, atmospheric chemistry, model, sounding, AIST, Level 2 data, assimilation, O3, ozone, CO, carbon monoxide, CO2, carbon dioxide, column carbon dioxide, xCO2, GEOS Chem Adjoint, GES DISC, MLS, TES, AIRS, OCO-2, heterogeneous data 2011 M202: Multi Mission Observation Operator atmospheric composition
36 , 1, Ramakrishna Nemani, Ames, Earth Exchange, NEX, climate data, model, SciDB, open source, NoSQL, analytics infrastructure 2011 NASA Earth Exchange: Improving Access to Large-Scale Data and Computational Infrastructure carbon cycle and ecosystems
37 , 1, Bruce Caron, New Media, ESIP, hosting, administration, NSODC, SOA client, workflow engine, IDL, MATLAB, Github, semantic web, code sprint, DigitalOcean, NMRI 2011 NASA Science on Drupal Central climate variability and change
38 , 1, Charles Meertens, UNAVCO, interferometric, SAR, InSAR, ASF DAAC, JPL, seamless distributed acces system, solid Earth, cryospheric, ARIA, WinSAR, NSFS, USGS, QA, QC, heterogeneous archive, Envisat, UAVSAR, DESDynl, deformation, ecosystem structure, dynamics of ice 2011 Seamless Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Archive for Interferometry Analysis Earth surface and interior
39 , 1, Charlie Zender, California, geoscience model, HDF-EOS, netCDF, data format, incompatibilities, common toolkit, predictions, flat file, coupled model intercomparison project, geophysical data, Standards Process Group, ESG, Earth System Model, GES DISC 2011 Simplifying and Accelerating Model Evaluation by NASA Satellite Data water and energy cycle
40 , 1, Christopher Lynnes, Goddard, aerosol climate feedback, tropospheric, statistical intercomparison, parameters, Giovanni, workflow execution, algorithms, best practices, known errors, 2009 AeroStat: An Online Platform for the Statistical Intercomparison of Aerosols atmospheric composition
41 , 1, Mark Parsons, Colorado, ice sheet, mass balance, sea level forecasting, thermal expansion, mountain glacier ice loss, ocean conditions, volume change, mass change, snow accumulation, ice thickness, ice flow, basal melt rate, geophysical methods, spatial grid, ice flow, technical interface, remote sensing, NSIDC DAAC 2009 ASIS: Aggregation of Services for Ice Sheets climate variability and change
42 , 1, Christopher Lynnes, Goddard, quality flag, cloud cover, bitmask, latitude dependencies, physiographic criteria, temporal functions, ontology quality screening service, REST, SOAP, web service, screening indicators, decadal survey 2009 Data Quality Screening Service water and energy cycle
43 , 1, Chris Lenhardt, ORNL DAAC, digital content, model output, heterogeneous format, critical archive metadata, audit trail, integrity check, NACP, North American Carbon Program, biogeochemical dynamics, Drupal, GUI, interface, MAST-DC, thematic data center, technology migration 2009 Delivering NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) Data with Digital Content Repository Technology carbon cycle and ecosystems
44 , 1, Frances Boler, UNAVCO, GNSS, space geodetic science, SOPAC, Scripps, orbit array, CDDIS, GSAC, GPS, web services, data processing scheme, terrestrial reference frame, water vapor 2009 Discovery and Delivery of Space Geodetic Data Products from Distributed Archives Earth surface and interior
45 , 1, Edward Armstrong, JPL, regional coastal ocean web services, data portal in situ, GIS, physical parameter WCS, WMS, OPeNDAP, datacasting, EASy GIS, data products, PO.DAAC, circulation model 2009 Improving Discovery for Coastal Marine Web Services and Resources carbon cycle and ecosystems
46 , 1, Michael Goodman, Marshall, GHRC DAAC, provenance, data product lineage, Earth Science Office, AMSR SIPS, sea ice, collection, dissemination, Karma, Beth Plale, Indiana, Thorsten Markus, cryospheric sciences, Rahul Ramachandran, Helen Conover, Alabama, Level 2, Level 3, climate variability, change, water, energy cycle, metadata 2009 Instant Karma: Applying a Proven Provenance Tool to NASA climate variability and change
47 , 1, Brian Wilson, JPL, web services, Earth science datasets, GCMD, ECHO, GEOSS, metadata, service casting, faceted search, ESIP, semantics, repository, browser, plug in, search term, key words, synonyms, ISO, hurricane casts 2009 Lightweight Advertising and Scalable Discovery of Services climate variability and change
48 , 1, Charles Meertens, UNAVCO, DESDynl, deformation, ecosystem structure, dynamics, ICESat, ice, cloud, land elevation, solid Earth, cryosphere, vegetation, LIDAR, NSIDC DAAC, LVIS, OpenTopography portal, integration 2009 Science Data Systems for Satellite and Airborne LIDAR Data Earth surface and interior
49 , 1, Hook Hua, JPL, A-Train, volume, data, algorithm, parameters, code changes, legacy, provenance, portal, water vapor, climate change, Karma, data record, MATLAB, IDL, Python 2009 Tracking Production Legacy of Multi-Sensor Merged Climate Data Records climate variability and change
50 , 1, Andrew Bingham, JPL, geophysical parameters, georeferenced information, migration, sea surface temperature, SST, ocean color, physical, biological processes, ocean, RSS, GeoRSS, DataGeoRSS, WFDI, web feed discovery and integration, cross-feed correlation, PO.DAAC 2009 Web Feed Discovery and Integration Service climate variability and change
51 , 1, Thomas Yunck, GeoOptics, GENESIS, SciFlo, REASoN, CVO, climate virtual observatory, AIRS, AMSU, MODIS, MISR, AMSR-E, Terra, Aqua, GPSRO, CHAMP, payload, radio occultation, SAC-C, COSMIC, ionosphere, meteorology, ESIP, Earth Information Exchange, atmospheric temperature trends, latitude bands 2007 CVO: Climate Virtual Observatory climate variability and change
52 , 1, Julienne Stroeve, Goddard, ACPS, atmospheric composition, SDPS, science data processing, TOMS, total ozone mapping, OMI, Suomi NPP, OMPS, profiler suite, PEATE, product evaluation, NSIDC DAAC 2007 Cryospheric Change Analysis Web Services water and energy cycle
53 , 1, Charles Ichoku, Goddard, aerosol measurements, AERONET, aerosol robotic network, sun photometers, cross-validation, framework 2007 Integrated Validation, Intercomparison, and Analysis of Aerosol Products atmospheric composition
54 , 1, Rahul Ramachandran, Alabama, scientific data mining, toolkit, UAH, semantic web, SAM, smart assistant, service oriented architecture, climate variability, change science, focus area, ITSC 2007 SAM: Smart Assistant for Earth Science Data Mining climate variability and change
55 , 1, Sara Graves, Alabama, scientific, technological capabilities, tools, mining, WorldWind, IVICS, interactive visualize, image classifier, ADaM, algorithm development, service mash up, seamless, MODIS, CALIPSO, cloud, aerosol, LIDAR, pathfinder, thematic information extraction 2007 Service Mashups for Mining and Analysis with World Wind climate variability and change
56 , 1, Ramakrishna Nemani, Ames, TOPS, terrestrial observation and prediction, modeling system, surface weather obseravtions, ecosystem nowcasts, forecasts, natural resources management, public health, disaster, repository, open source tools, protocols, interoperability standards, AJAX, DHTML, service oriented architecture, climate change 2007 TOPS: Extending Access to NASA Data and Model Results for Ecosystem carbon cycle and ecosystems
57 , 1, Steve Kempler, Goddard, A-Train, local afternoon equator, virtual science platform, OCO-2, Aqua, CloudSat, CALIPSO, PARASOL, LIDAR, Aura, cloud, aerosol, pathfinder, sun synchronous orbit, ATDD, data depot, Colorado, Utah, MLS, AIRS, infrared, ATD3D, MODIS, OMI, ozone monitoring, surface temperature, pressure, winds, rainfall, GES DISC, Giovanni, OPeNDAP 2007 Utilizing 3-Dimensional Data Views to Access Data climate variability and change
58 , 1, Robert Raskin, JPL, oceanographic data, disparate software, interface, unified, systematic approach, VODC, virtual oceanographic data center, search, extract, OODT, object oriented data technology, middleware, PO.DAAC 2007 Virtual Oceanography Data Center weather
59 , 1, Philip Callahan, JPL, altimeter service, web based tools, topography experiment, TOPEX, GDR, RDGR, OSTST, retracked, Jason, geophysical model, sea surface height, orbit, tide, subset, plot, component model, climate variability and change, oceanographic studies, PO.DAAC 2007 Web-based Altimeter Service climate variability and change
60 , 1, Hook Hua, JPL, climate, water, energy cycle, weather variability, A-Train, Level 2, Level 3, transparent access, heterogeneous, distributed data, algorithm, subset, web services, temperature, water vapor, cloud, service oriented architecture 2007 Web Services-enabled Tool for Distributed Custom Level 2 and Level 3 Data climate variability and change
61 , 1, Brian Wilson, JPL, statistical analysis, atmospheric models, Level 2, Level 3, temperature, water vapor, aerosol optical depth, AOD, algorithms, ECHO, automated data query, OPeNDAP, SOAP, interface, AIRS, MODIS, MISR, SciFlo, AJAX, interface 2006 AQUA: Automated Data Query and Access for Large Earth Science Datasets carbon cycle and ecosystems
62 , 1, Paul Houser, IGES, Megan Larko, ECHO, ROSES, water, energy cycle, WEC, WECHO, middleware, API, quantitative graphic display, command line 2006 A Water and Energy Cycle EOS Clearing House Client carbon cycle and ecosystems
63 , 1, Steve Kempler, Goddard, Greg Leptoukh, Peter Smith, A-Train, Aqua, CloudSat, CALIPSO, OCO-2, PARASOL, LIDAR, carbon, polarization, anisotropy, atmospheric science, Aura, virtual science, Giovanni, ACDISC, composition, data reduction, script based, AIRS, MODIS, cloud properties, SFA, science focus areas, subset 2005 A-Train Data Depot atmospheric composition
64 , 1, Amy Braverman, JPL, aerosol data, MISR, MODIS, AERONET, maritime network, Level 2, cloud, XML, Python 2005 AMAPS: An Aerosol Measurement and Processing System atmospheric composition
65 , 1, Curt Tilmes, Goddard, atmospheric composition, science data processing, TOMS, total ozone mapping, OMI, Suomi NPP. OMPS, profiler suite, PEATE, test element, algorithm, LAADS DAAC 2005 ACPS: Atmospheric Composition Processing System atmospheric composition
66 , 1, Jeffrey Masek, Maryland, Beth Weinstein, Goddard, John Townshend, land cover change, meteorology, GCOS, LC-ComPS, processing and analysis, data grid, surface reflectance, data archives 2005 Building a Community Land Cover Change Processing System carbon cycle and ecosystems
67 , 1, Bruce Caron, New Media, Earth, Sun, IDL, ArcGIS, open source, GUI, interface, COTS, software, MODIS, HDF-EOS, GeoTIFF, OPeNDAP, ESRI, ArcEngine, ArcObjects, raster data array, runtime IDL, GIS, ESIP, workshops 2005 DIAL: Data and Information Application Layer carbon cycle and ecosystems
68 , 1, Sara Graves, Alabama, ADaM, algorithm development and mining, toolkit, ESML, Earth science markup language, web services, service oriented architecture, SOI, data processing, DISCOVER, GHRC DAAC, GES DISC, SERVIR 2005 Deployable Suite of Data Mining Web Services for Online Data Repositories climate variability and change
69 , 1, Christopher Lynnes, Goddard, data system infrastructure, geoscience protocol, OPeNDAP, open source, THREDDS, thematic, real-time, OGC, geospatial consortium, CEOP, coordinated enhanced observing period, water cycle research, energy flux, reservoir, monsoon season, geospatial, land science, applied science, DEM, digital elevation model, gateway 2005 Development and Deployment of a CEOP Satellite Data Server water and energy cycle
70 , 1, Roger Barry, NSIDC DAAC, Colorado, web services architecture, cryospheric data, science user needs, arctic coastal processes, International Polar Year, IPY 2005 Discovery, Access, and Delivery of Data for the IPY Earth surface and interior
71 , 1, Andrew Bingham, JPL, automatic download, server client architecture, podcasting, ESML, Earth science markup language, hurricane, cloud cover, PO.DAAC, ocean data, RSS technology 2005 Earth Science Datacasting carbon cycle and ecosystems
72 , 1, Jeffrey Morisette, Goddard, Robert Wolfe, Greg Asner, Stanford, MODIS, land, atmosphere science, MODAPS, algorithms, AADS, archive and distribution, LADS, NACP, North American Carbon Program, climate model, tools 2005 Helping NACP Investigators better utilize MODIS products carbon cycle and ecosystems
73 , 1, David Rowlands, Goddard, Steve Klosko, Mark Sherman, SGT, GRACE, gravity recovery, climate, total water content, terrestrial water storage, ground water, water cycle, remote sensing, harmonic model, mass flux, mass concentration, mascon, Stoke coefficients, tidal mass variation, aquifer, GLDAS, hydrological estimate 2005 High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Continental Water Mass Anomaly Fields from GRACE water and energy cycle
74 , 1, Yehuda Bock, California, MOSES, modeling, on the fly, solid Earth science, geophysical, natural hazards research, early warning system, SCIGN, REASoN, GPS, CGPS, QuakeSim, seismic, SENH applications, ESI, surface and interior, interactive, evolution, processing 2005 Modeling and On-the-fly Solutions in Solid Earth Science Earth surface and interior
75 , 1, Gregory Leptoukh, Goddard, Northern Eurasia Earth science partnership, global scientific decision making, ground data, cold, diverse, MODIS, AMSR-E, ISCCP, land surface climatology, NCEP, NCAR, GES DISC, TRL 7, online archive, distribution, seamless interoperability, visualization, analysis, mining, SFA, carbon cycle, climate change, atmospheric composition, water, energy cycle 2005 NASA ESD Support System and Services for the Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative water and energy cycle
76 , 1, Peter Fox, NCAR, Krishna Sinha, Virginia Tech, Robert Raskin, JPL, geosciences network, SWEET, semantic web, virtual solar terrestrial observatory, Sun-Earth system, data integration, climate record, vulcanology, volcano, rocks, indicator, temperature, precipitation, irradiance 2005 SESDI: Semantically-Enabled Scientific Data Integration climate variability and change
77 , 1, Kent Yang, HDF Group, OPeNDAP, HDF, DAP, server module, tools, ESE RFC, community standard, integrated library 2005 Software Access to HDF5 Datasets via OPeNDAP DAP climate variability and change
78 , 1, Milt Halem, Maryland, scalable web service, tool, atmospheric radiance, gridding, NOAA, polar, temperature, Level 3, limb adjustment, grid box, Level 1b, AIRS, AMSU, Aqua, MODIS, DAAC, data pool, grid domains, binning schemes, format, supersetting 2005 Web Services for On-Demand Multi-Sensor Gridded Atmospheric Radiance Fields atmospheric composition

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