Active Fire Data

Download active fire products from MODIS (MCD14DL) and VIIRS 375 m (VNP14IMGT) for the last 24, 48 hours and 7 days in shapefile, KML, WMS or text file formats. The VIIRS 375 m active fire product is the latest product to be added to FIRMS. VIIRS data complement the MODIS fire detections but the improved spatial resolution of the 375 m data provides a greater response over fires of relatively small areas. Read more about VIIRS...

MODIS Collection 6 data are now available. Collection 6 algorithms are the best available, and should be used in preference to Collection 5. Find out what's new in Collection 6. MODIS C6 data older than the last 7 days will only be available when the full MODIS archive has been reprocessed using the C6 algorithm. Older C5 data can still be obtained from the Archive Download Tool.

Collection 5 active fire products will continue be available for at least six months, to give users time to switch to the new data.





Archive Download Tool - collection 5 only

Global Fire Maps - Collection 5 only