MEaSUREs Projects

MEaSUREs: Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments

NASA, through its Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS), supports NASA's Earth Science research community in providing Earth science data products and services driven by NASA’s Earth Science goals. NASA’s Earth Science Program is dedicated to advancing Earth remote sensing and pioneering the scientific use of satellite measurements to improve human understanding of our home planet in order to inform economic and policy decisions and improve operational services of benefit to the Nation. Through the MEaSUREs Program, NASA is continuing its commitment to expand understanding the Earth system using consistent records. NASA has begun to deploy new types of sensors to provide three-dimensional profiles of Earth’s atmosphere and surface. Emphasis is placed into linking together multiple satellites into a constellation, developing the means of utilizing a multitude of data sources to form coherent time series, and facilitating the use of extensive data in the development of comprehensive Earth system models.

Associated DAACs

Goddard Space Flight Center

Under the title program element of the Research Opportunities in Earth and Space Science (ROSES)-2006 announcement, proposals were solicited to focus on the creation of Earth System Data Records (ESDRs), including Climate Data Records. An ESDR is defined as a unified and coherent set of observations of a given parameter of the Earth system, which is optimized to meet specific requirements in addressing science questions. These records are critical to understanding Earth System processes, to assessing variability, long-term trends, and change in the Earth System, and to provide input and validation means to modeling efforts. The solicitation resulted in the selection in October 2007 of 29 projects for funding. The MEaSUREs Program continued with the ROSES-2012 announcement, resulting in selection of 27 projects.

The MEaSUREs projects are focused on product generation, availability, and utility. During the life of MEaSUREs the projects, each of the projects is responsible for making its ESDRs available to the user community. At the end of the MEaSUREs projects, the generated ESDRs will be archived and distributed by NASA's EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs).

Awarded projects provide Earth science data products and services driven by NASA’s Earth science goals and contributing to advancing NASA Earth system “missions to measurements” concept.

To view individual abstracts, select from the titles below. ESDRs are archived and distributed by EOSDIS DAACs indicated in brackets following the title; click it to visit the site.

Atmospheric Composition

Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems

Climate Variability and Change

Earth Surface and Interior

Water and Energy Cycle

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