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  3. Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) Program

Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) Program

NASA’s Earth Science Program is dedicated to advancing Earth remote sensing and pioneering the scientific use of satellite measurements to improve human understanding of our home planet in order to inform economic and policy decisions and improve operational services of benefit to the Nation. Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) supports NASA's Earth Science research community in providing Earth science data products and services driven by NASA’s Earth Science goals. The MEaSUREs projects, an element of Research Opportunities in Space and Earth and Science (ROSES), expand these capabilities with competitively selected data products developed and produced by the research community to meet the community’s priority needs.

NASA uses satellite sensors to advance knowledge of the integrated Earth system, the global atmosphere, oceans (including sea ice), land surfaces, ecosystems, and interactions between all elements, including the impacts of humans. MEaSUREs provides an opportunity for the research community to participate in the development and generation of data products, which complement and augment the Earth science already available to the research community. MEaSUREs projects are required to utilize at least one satellite data set, preferably a NASA-sponsored data set.

The MEaSUREs projects are focused on product generation, availability, and utility of Earth System Data Records (ESDRs). An ESDR is defined as a unified and coherent set of observations of a given parameter of the Earth system, which is optimized to meet specific requirements in addressing science questions. These data records are critical to understanding Earth System processes and in assessing variability, long-term trends, and change in the Earth System as well as providing means for input and validation to modeling efforts. Emphasis is placed on linking together multiple satellites into a constellation, developing the means of utilizing a multitude of data sources to form coherent time series, and facilitating the use of extensive data in the development of comprehensive Earth system models.

MEaSUREs 2017

MEaSUREs 2017 projects work to afford a solution for utilization of NASA assets and capabilities by:

  • Providing or adding to mature data records needed for NASA Earth System research, and potentially developing product science tools and services capabilities;
  • Applying Earth Science Division principles regarding community involvement, product life cycle planning, and standards and interfaces for interoperability and exchange of data and information;
  • Supporting ongoing data system evolution efforts through participation in one or more Earth Science Working Groups (ESDSWG). (Read more about the ESDSWG).

During the life of MEaSUREs the projects, each of the projects is responsible for making its ESDRs available to the user community. At the end of the MEaSUREs projects, the generated ESDRs will be archived and distributed by the EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs).

Search the MEaSUREs projects in the table below by clicking in the search box and entering in a keyword term, such as a DAAC (ASDC, NSIDC, SEDAC, etc), an instrument/mission (GRACE, MODIS, TROPOMI, etc) or science term (atmospheric composition, carbon cycle, climate change, Earth surface, water cycle). The search results will narrow down the table entries applicable to the search keyword entered.

Hidden Column Year Title topic
020, Tianle Yuan, Maryland, ESDR, marine, low level, deep convective clouds, level 2 resolution, long term, mesoscale classification, machine learning, IOP, intensive observation period, MJO, Madden Julian Oscillation, cloud distribution, size, MODIS, CALIOP, CERES, CloudSat, SST, sea surface temperature 2017 A Comprehensive Data Record of Marine Low-Level and Deep Convective Cloud Systems Using an Object-Oriented Approach atmospheric composition
021, George Tselioudis, Goddard, weather states, WS, ISCCP, MODIS, CALIPSO, weather states, radiative, thermodynamic, dynamic, A-train 2017 A Unified Cloud-Defined Weather State Dataset for Process-Resolving Data Analysis and Model Evaluation atmospheric composition
022, Robert Levy, Goddard, Terra, VIIRS, JPSS, GCOS, CDR, climate data record, aerosol, AHI, advanced himawari imager, ABI, advanced baseline imager, GOES, DT, dark target, netCDF, Giovanni, eIDEA 2017 Adding High Temporal Resolution to the Global Long-Term Aerosol Data Record: A Synergy of Low-Earth Orbit and Geostationary-Earth Orbit atmospheric composition
023, Gonzalo Gonzalez Abad, Smithsonian, formaldehyde, water, glyoxal, ESDR, water vapor, ozone, GOME, SCHIAMACHY, atmospheric chartography, absorption, OMPS, HDF-EOS, solar irradiance, wavelength, a prior, air mass, ESDSWG, JPSS, TEMPO, tropospheric emissions, GEMS, in situ, composition 2017 Development of Long-Term and Consistent Earth System Data Records of H2CO, CHOCHO and H2O from Multi-Satellite UV/Visible Spectra atmospheric composition
024, Lok Lamsal, nitrogen oxide, NO, nitrogen dioxide, NO2, NOx, combustion, public health, environment, pollutants, air quality, crop yields, climate, stratospheric columns, anthropogenic emissions, particulate matter, OMI, ozone, GES DISC, Aura, tropospheric, nadir, GOME, SCIAMACHY, absorption, atmospheric chartography, TROPOMI, calibration, spectrometers, Level 4, modeling 2017 MINDS: Multi-Decadal Nitrogen Dioxide and Derived Products from Satellites atmospheric composition
025, Vineet Yadav, carbon dioxide, CO2, concentrations, atmosphere, OCO-2, GOSAT, AIRS, ESDR, ACOS, Level 3, in situ, aircraft observation, regional flux, XCO2, total dry air column, AIST CMS, carbon monitoring system 2017 Records of Fused and Assimilated Satellite Carbon Dioxide Observations and Fluxes from Multiple Instruments atmospheric composition
044, GES DISC, Omar Torres, Goddard, UV aerosol index, optical depth, absorption, AOD, TOMS, total ozone, Nimbus 7, Meteor 3, MODIS, MISR, Terra, OMI, ozone, transport model 2012 A 30-Year Record of Aerosol Properties over Land from TOMS and OMI Observations atmospheric composition
045, GES DISC, Nathaniel Livesey, stratosphere, mesosphere, MLS, Aura, SABER, microwave, broadband emission, TIMED, ionosphere, energetics, UARS, HALOE, halogen occultation, FTS, fourier transform, ACE, SOFIE, solar occulation, AIM, aeronomy of ice 2012 A Long-Term Record of Upper Stratospheric and Mesospheric Temperature Profiles atmospheric composition
046, GES DISC, Nickolay Krotkov, Goddard, sulfur dioxide, SO2, volcano, fossil fuel, acid rain, air quality, troposphere, cloud reflectivity, precipitation, sulfate aerosols, OMI, ozone, Aura, TOMS, ESDR, BUV, backscatter ultraviolet, microwave, MW, anthropogenic, masses, emissions, height 2012 Multi-Decadal Sulfur Dioxide Climatology from Satellite Instruments atmospheric composition
070, GES DISC, Christina Hsu, Goddard, GCM, global climate model, SeaWiFS, MODIS, MISR, aerosol variability, radiative budget, anthropogenic, Deep Blue, algorithm, aerosol optical thickness, Angstrom exponent, dust absorption, surface reflectance 2006 Consistent Long-Term Aerosol Data Records over Land and Ocean from SeaWiFS atmospheric composition
071, GES DISC, Richard McPeters, Goddard, ozone, ESDR, total column, vertical profile, TOMS, OMI, solar backscatter ultraviolet radiometer, SBUV, GOME, ERS-2, OMPS, Suomi NPP, UARS, upper atmosphere, Aura, MLS, microwave limb, SCIAMACHY, absorption, atmospheric chartography, time seris 2006 Creating a Long-Term Multi-Sensor Ozone Data Record atmospheric composition
072, ASDC, Gao Chen, ASDC, ESDR, model, AC&C, atmospheric chemistry, AeroCom, HTAP, tropospheric ozone, aerosol, trace gases, NOAA, NSF, standardized database 2006 Creating a Unified Airborne Database for Assessment and Validation of Global Models of Atmospheric Composition atmospheric composition
073, GES DISC, Lucien Froidevaux, JPL, ESDR, stratospheric composition, ozone, trace gas, chemistry climate models, GMAO, GEOS, O3, HCl, hydrogen chloride, CLO, chlorine monoxide, HNO3, nitric acid, water vapor, H2O, nitrous oxide, N2O, nitrogen dioxide, NO2, nitrogen oxide, NO, methane, CH4, hydrogen fluoride, HF, active chlorine, CLOx, odd nitrogen, NOx, SAGE, stratospheric aerosol gas, POAM, polar ozone and aerosol, halogen occultation, HALOE, UARS, MLS, Aura, SciSat, ACE, FTS, fourier transform 2006 GOZCARDS: Global OZone Chemistry And Related trace gas Data records for the Stratosphere atmospheric composition
026, NIcholas Parazoo, JPL, SIF, solar induced chlorophyll fluorescence, photosynthetic activity, gross primary production, GPP, OCO-2, ESDR, GOME, ozone, SCIAMACHY, absorption spectrometer, atmospheric chartography, GOSAT, greenhouse gases, CFIS, canopy MODIS, MERRA-2, FLUXNET, harmonized record 2017 Multi-Decadal Time Series of Vegetation Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Derived Gross Primary Production carbon cycle and ecosystems
047, OB.DAAC, Joaquim Goes, Lamont Doherty, atmospheric CO2, carbon dioxide, inorganic nitrogen, nitrate, NO3, euphotic layer, seawater, sea surface nitrate, SSN, temperature, SST, NnP, SeaWiFS, MODIS, Aqua, LTSRF, stewardship, OB.DAAC
2012 A Time Series of Sea Surface Nitrate and Nitrate Based New Production in the Global Oceans carbon cycle and ecosystems
048, OB.DAAC, Stephane Maritorena, California, uncertainty, inconsistency, biogeochemistry, calibration, GSM, model, chlorophyll a concentration, SeaWiFS, MODIS, MERIS, VIIRS, OLCI 2012 Creating Unified Ocean Color Data Records with Uncertainties carbon cycle and ecosystems
049, LP DAAC, Prasad Thenkabail, USGS, global cropland, sustainable water, food security, irrigation, crop types, rainfed, intensity, continuous cropping, Landsat, MODIS, NDVI, monthly maximum value composites, MVC, GDEM, digital elevation model, CMA, mapping algorithm, SMT, spectral matching, ACCA, HSeg, AVHRR, NGA, ESDR, GEO, SBA, big data 2012 Global Cropland Area Database (GCAD30) Through Landsat and MODIS Data Fusion for the Years 2010 and 1990 and Its Dynamics over Four Decades Using AVHRR and MODIS carbon cycle and ecosystems
050, LP DAAC, David Roy, South Dakota, WELD, web enabled Landsat, ETM+, enhanced thematic mapper, ESDR, Alaska, epoch, Ames, Maryland, Albers, land cover change, MODIS, NEX, Earth Exchange, Sinusoidal 2012 Global Long-Term Multi-Sensor Web-Enabled Landsat Data Record carbon cycle and ecosystems
051, OB.DAAC, Bryan Franz, Goddard, MERIS, Envisat, MODIS, SeaWiFS, land, ocean, atmospheric process, global change, ocean color, biology, biogeochemistry 2012 Production and Distribution of MERIS Data Products in Support of the Ocean Color Climate Data Record carbon cycle and ecosystems
052, LP DAAC, Matthew Hansen, Maryland, VCF, vegetation continuous field, land cover, tree cover, bare ground, needlelead, broadleaf, evergreen, deciduous, ESDR, climate model, carbon cycle, hydrology, fire ecology, habitat, agriculture, AVHRR, MODIS, LTDR, long term data record, NDVI, normalized index, Landsat, Ikonos, RapidEye, QuickBird, CASA, GFED 2012 Vegetation Continuous Fields ESDR for the AVHRR and MODIS Records: 1981 - Present carbon cycle and ecosystems
074, OB.DAAC, Robert Frouin, Scripps, oceanography, solar energy, photosynthesis, PAR, phytoplankton, marine ecosystems, ocean, biogeochemical cycle, carbon, nutrients, oxygen, anthropogenic carbon dioxide, CO2, SeaWiFS, MODIS, Terra, Aqua, ocean color, clouds, in situ 2006 A Time Series of Photosynthetically Available Radiation at the Ocean Surface from SeaWiFS and MODIS Data carbon cycle and ecosystems
075, NSIDC, John Kimball, Montana, Kyle McDonald, JPL, ESDR, vegetation, land surface, freeze, thaw, SMMR, multichannel, SSM/I, AMSR-E, special sensor, microwave imager, SeaWinds, calibration, biogeochemical, hydrological, ecological process, carbon dioxide CO2, landscape, snow melt, ice breakup, terrestrial carbon cycle, sink, permafrost, exchange 2006 An Earth System Data Record for Land Surface Freeze-Thaw State: Quantifying Terrestrial Water Mobility Constraints to Global Ecosystem Processes carbon cycle and ecosystems
076, OB.DAAC, Stephane Maritorena, California, ocean color, chlorophyll concentration, LwN, suspended particulate, dissolved material, phytoplankton, biogeochemical, ESDR, optical properties, SeaWiFS, MODIS, MERIS, heterotrophic production, photochemistry, light budget, physiology, organic carbon, net primary production, NPP, in situ 2006 Beyond Chlorophyll: Implementation and Distribution of Innovative Ocean Color Earth Science Data Records carbon cycle and ecosystems
077, LP DAAC, John Townshend, Maryland, Jeffrey Masek, Compton Tucker, Goddard, Matthew Hansen, South Dakota, Samuel Goward, Saurabh Channan, Landsat, spectral response, MDGLS, land survey, ESDR, fragmentation, VCF, vegetation continuous field, carbon, biogeochemical, hydrologic, buffer zone, biome, forest cover change 2006 Earth Science Data Records of Global Forest Cover Change carbon cycle and ecosystems
078, LP DAAC, Kamel Didan, Arizona, phenology, biotic process, flux, water, energy, biogeochemical, ESDR, data record, AVHRR, MODIS, VIIRS, algorithm, ground observation, biome, USGS, NPN, VCF, vegetation continuous field 2006 Vegetation Phenology and Enhanced Vegetation Index Products from Multiple Long-Term Satellite Data Records carbon cycle and ecosystems
079, LP DAAC, David Roy, GSCE, South Dakota, WELD, Landsat, ESDR, MODIS, ETM+, enhanced thematic mapper, mosaic, Alaska, EROS, geospatial sciences 2006 Web-Enabled Consistent Large Area Landsat Data Streams and Derived Surface Characterizations—MODIS-Landsat Data Fusion for Terrestrial User Community carbon cycle and ecosystems
027, LP DAAC, Simon Hook, JPL, LST&E, land surface temperature, emissivity, ESDR, GCOS, climate observing system, CSSP, climate change, evapotranspiration, plant canopy, water vapor, LEO, low Earth orbit, MODIS, ASTER, Terra Aqua, GEO, GOES, LST, semiarid, arid, Wisconsin, UWIREMIS, GED, CAMEL, NUCAPS, AIRS, data assimilation, modeling, IASI, radiative transfer 2017 A Unified and Coherent Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity (LST&E) Earth System Data Record (ESDR) for Earth Science climate variability and change
028, Eric Rignot, California, ice sheets, Antarctica, Greenland, sea level change, USGS, Landsat, Sentinel, RADARSAT, ALOS, PALSAR, Cosmo Skymed, ESDR, ice motion, bed topography, ice thickness floating boundaries, Polar Year, lower latency, temporal resolution, BedMachine, modeling, TanDEM-X, REMA, Operation IceBridge, OIB, ice, cloud, land elevation, ICESat, CryoSat, subglacial channel, NISAR, SAR, ISRO, ice mass 2017 Earth System Data Record of Ice Motion and Bed Topography in Antarctica climate variability and change
029, NSIDC, Ian Joughin, Washington, GIMP, Greenland, ice mapping, flow velocity, ice sheet, mass balance, IPCC, ice front, Landsat, Sentinel, spatial sampling, TM, thematic mapper, ISRO, SAR, NISAR, ICESat, Operation IceBridge 2017 Greenland Ice Mapping Project Three: Measuring Rapid Changes in Ice Flow climate variability and change
053, PO.DAAC, Josh Willis, JPL, sea level change, ESDR, altimeter, POD, precision orbit determination, terrestrial reference frame, radiometer calibration, wet path delay, dry path, sea state, tide, SARAL, Argo float, GRACE, Harvest Platform, climate change 2012 A Climate Data Record of Altimetric Sea Level Change and Its Mass and Steric Components climate variability and change
054, GES DISC, Joao Teixeira, JPL, ESDR, subtropical cloudy boundary layer, SSM/I, special sensor, microwave imager, TRMM, tropical rainfall, TMI, AMSR-E, SSMIS, sounder, GMI, GPM, global precipitation measurement, water vapor, MODIS, CloudSat, cloud profiling radar, SST, sea surface temperature, liquid water path, LWP, CALIPSO, MISR, radiative flux, CERES, cloud microphysics 2012 A Data Record of the Cloudy Boundary Layer climate variability and change
055, ASDC, Seiji Kato, ASDC, CERES, clouds, radiant energy, surface radiative flux, ERBE, radiation budget, TOA, top of atmosphere, shortwave, longwave irradiance, GEWEX, water exchange, transfer theory 2012 A Long-Term TOA and Constrained Surface Radiation Budget Dataset Using Merged CERES, ERBE and ISCCP/SRB Products from the Past 30 Years climate variability and change
056, GES DISC, Eric Fetzer JPL, A-Train, AIRS, AMSU, water vapor, CloudSat, AMSR-E, MODIS, MLS, microwave limb sounder, CALIPSO, SCIS, calibration interconsistency study, MetOp 2012 A Multi-Sensor Water Vapor, Temperature, and Cloud Climate Data Record climate variability and change
057, NSIDC, Mary Jo Brodzik, David Long, Brigham Young, sea ice extent, terrestrial snow, vegetation cover, ocean circulation, atmosphere, passive microwave, Level 3, cryosphere, ESDR, SMMR, multichannel, SSM/I, SSMIS, special sensor, microwave imager, AMSR-E, EASE Grid 2012 An Improved, Enhanced-Resolution, Gridded Passive Microwave ESDR for Monitoring Cryospheric and Hydrologic Time Series climate variability and change
058, NSIDC, John Kimball, Montana, ESDR, landscape, freeze, thaw, energy flux, carbon, water, seasonal variability, annual, global ecosystem processes SMMR, multichannel microwave radiometer, SSM/I, special sensor, imager, AM, PM, classification, cryosphere, AMSR-E, WindSat, energy cycle, carbon cycle, climate variability, SMAP, soil moisture 2012 Continuity and Enhancement of the Global ESDR for Landscape Freeze/Thaw State Dynamics climate variability and change
059, GES DISC, Justin Sheffield, Princeton, evapotranspiration, drought, heat wave, PET, ESDR, BCOS, climate observing system, ECV, essential variables, terrestrial water and energy budget, improved land surface, renewable energy system 2012 Development of Consistent Global Long-Term Records of Atmospheric Evaporative Demand climate variability and change
060, ASF, Ronald Kwok, JPL, RADARSAT, ice cover, ESDR, sea ice kinematics, deformation, SAR, ICESat, cloud, elevation, freeboard algorithm, sea ice exchange, Arctic Ocean, SAR, Envisat, Greenland, winter pack, Sentinel, Southern Ocean, polar, Fram Strait, Nares Strait, ERS, RS, ice motion 2012 ESDR of Small-Scale Kinematics of Arctic Ocean Sea Ice climate variability and change
061, GES DISC, William Rossow, New York, land atmosphere interactions, ISLSCP, land surface climatology, GSWP, global soil wetness, LSM, model, air temperature, humidity, winds, boundary layer cloud properties, profile, flux, carbon, GEWEX, wind speed, humidity, downwelling radiation, albedo, infrared, microwave emissivity, roughness length 2012 Globally Merged, Reconciled and Gridded Observations of Near-Surface Atmospheric and Land Surface Properties and Their Diurnal-to-Decadal Variations climate variability and change
062, NSIDC, Ian Joughin, Washington, Greenland, GIMP, AR4, AR5, glacier variability, ice velocity, ice front position, DESDynl, L-band, SAR, ICESat, Operation IceBridge
2012 Greenland Ice Mapping Project Two: Measuring Rapid Changes in Ice Flow climate variability and change
063, NSIDC, Eric Rignot, California, Greenland, Antarctica, ice velocity, ESDR, MODIS, InSAR, SAR, ice sheet dynamics, ice mass flow, ocean, sea level change, Polar Year, IPY, RADARSAT, Daichi, ALOS, PALSAR, L-band, Sentinel, Envisat, ASAR, ERS, DESDynl, cryosphere, model 2012 Ice Velocity Mapping of the Great Ice Sheets: Antarctica climate variability and change
064, GES DISC, Martin Snow, Colorado, SSI, solar spectral irradiance, ultraviolet, SORCE, radiation, climate, SBUV, backscatter, SCIAMACHY, absorption spectrometer, atmospheric chartography, wavelength, EUR, extreme 2012 MUSSIC: Multi-Satellite Ultraviolet Solar Spectral Irradiance Composite climate variability and change
065, GES DISC, George Huffman, SSAI, GPCP, global precipitation climatology, water, energy cycle, GEWEX, GDAP, assessment panel, uncertainty estimation, SSM/I, SSMIS, special sensor, microwave imager, sounder, GPROF, Goddard profiling algorithm, AIRS, TRMM, tropical rainfall, GPM, global precipitation measurement, rate, climate fluctuation 2012 Next-Generation Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) Data Products climate variability and change
080, PO.DAAC, Robert Atlas, NOAA, ESE, REASoN, QuikSCAT, SeaWinds, AMSR-E, TRMM, microwave imager, tropical rainfall, TMI, SSM/I, special sensor, ASCAT, WindSat, DMSP, GPM, global precipitation measurement, GMI, GCOM, Shizuku, AMSR2, CCMP 2006 A Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform Ocean Surface Wind Velocity Data Set for Meteorological and Oceanographic Applications climate variability and change
081, GES DISC, Eric Fetzer, JPL, atmospheric water vapor, NVAP, climate, hydrological study, AIRS, AMSU, HSB, Brazil, humidity sounder, AMSR-E, MLS, MODIS, A-Train, CloudSat, UARS, upper atmosphere, ISCCP, cloud climatology, SSM/I, special sensor, microwave imager, TOVS 2006 A Multi-Sensor Water Vapor Climate Data Record Using Cloud Classification climate variability and change
082, NSIDC, David Robinson, Rutgers, Northern Hemisphere, NH, terrestrial, sea ice, Greenland, ice sheet, snow, CDR, climate 2006 Development of Northern Hemisphere Snow and Ice Climate Data Records climate variability and change
083, GHRC, Frank Wentz, REaSON, DISCOVER, microwave sensors, TRMM, tropical rainfall, TMI, imager, AMSR-E, evaporation fields, SST, sea surface temperature, wind, water vapor, ocean, surface wind, climate research 2006 Distributed Information Services: Climate/Ocean Products and Visualizations for Earth Research (DISCOVER) Continuation of Project climate variability and change
084, GES DISC, Jose Rodriquez, Goddard, Jay Herman, data record, ultraviolet, reflectivity, UV, wavelength, Nimbus, clouds, aerosols, Rayleigh scattering, TOMS, total ozone, SBUV, solar backscatter, ESDR, GOME, Suomi NPP, NPOESS, TOMS 2006 Earth Surface and Atmospheric Reflectivity Since 1979 from Multiple Satellites (TOMS, SBUV, SBUV-2, OMI, SeaWiFS, NPP, and NPOESS) climate variability and change
085, ASF, Ron Kwok, JPL, Don Atwood, Alaska, RADARSAT, Arctic Ocean, ice cover, SAR, kinematics, deformation, modeling, sea ice, ICESat, freeboard algorithm, exchange, Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea, ERS, Envisat 2006 ESDR of Small-Scale Kinematics of Arctic Ocean Sea Ice climate variability and change
086, PO.DAAC, Cornillon, Rhode Island, Boba Evans, Miami, Florida, Ken Casey, NODC, sea surface temperature, SST, GAC, global area coverage, nadir, HPRT, AVHRR, GHRSST, MODIS, SeaDAS, hypercubes, Atlantic, Pacific, Mike Chin 2006 GAC and HRPT AVHRR Reprocessing to GHRSST climate variability and change
087, ASDC, William Rossow, New York, GEWEX, energy, water exchange, GEOSS, ISCCP, cloud climatology, mesoscale, diurnal, interannual, CloudSat, CALIPSO, A-Train, Terra, TRMM, tropical rainfall, clouds, NOAA, NCDC, AIRS, MLS, atmospheric infrared sounder, microwave limb, GPCP, precipitation, GACP, aerosol 2006 Global Cloud Process Studies in the Context of Decadal Climate Variability: Enhancement and Continuation of Data Analysis for the International Satellite Cloud Climatalogy Project (ISCCP) climate variability and change
088, NSIDC, Ian Joughin, Washington, Greenland, glacier, ice sheet, iceberg, sea level, ice velocity 2006 Greenland Ice Mapping Project One: Measuring Rapid Changes in Ice Flow climate variability and change
089, NSIDC, Eric Rignot, JPL, Antarctic, ice sheet, freshwater, sea level, Larsen, glacier, ice mass, ESDR, ice stream, Colorado, climate change 2006 Ice Velocity Mapping of the Great Ice Sheets: Antarctica climate variability and change
090, ASDC, Thomas Vonder Haar, Aqua, water vapor, NVAP, METSAT, Pathfinder, MODIS, AIRS, atmosphere, sounder, FAR, NPOESS, Sumo NPP 2006 Improvement of the NVAP Global Water Vapor Data Set for Climate, Hydrological, and Weather Studies climate variability and change
091, PO.DAAC, Richard Ray, Goddard, Brian Beckley, SGT, TOPEX, Poseison, Jason, sea level, sea surface height, GFO, Geosat, Envisat, ERS, GRACE, gravity, ITRF, terrestrial reference frame, Pathfinder, ocean altimeter, ocean tide, troposphere, sea state, ICESat, SIPS 2006 Integrated Multi-Mission Ocean Altimeter Data for Climate Research climate variability and change
092, PO.DAAC, Mike Chin, JPL, sea surface temperature, SST, atmospheric dyamics, microwave, infrared, IR, NRT 2006 Multi-Sensor Ultra-high Resolution (MUR) SST Field climate variability and change
030, NSIDC, Steven Chan, JPL, surface hydrosphere state, soil moisture, terrestrial hydrology, water, energy flux, land surface, infiltration, surface runoff, ESDR, X-band, GPM, GMI, global precipitation measurement, microwave imager, AMSR2, WindSat, AMSR-E, TRMM, tropical rainfall, TMI, XCAL, L-band, SMAP, SMOS, ocean salinity, Aquarius, RMSE, USDA, watersheds 2017 A Long-Term Consistent Multi-Satellite Soil Moisture ESDR with Uncertainty Information Earth surface and interior
031, LP DAAC, Mark Friedl, Boston, land cover, land use, biophysical, terretrial carbon model, water balance, weather, climate model, biodiversity, water supply, emissions, GLCUC, land cover change, Landsat, USGS 2017 A Moderate Spatial Resolution Data Record of 21st Century Global Land Cover, Land Use, and Land Cover Change Earth surface and interior
032, LAADS, Eric Vermote, Goddard, land surface climate data record, CDR, NPOESS, JPSS, FCDR, thematic, fundamental, NDVI, normalized vegetation index, LAI, leaf area, fAPAR, fraction absorbed photosynthetically active radiation, albedo, ECV, essential climate variables, GCOS, AVHRR, MODIS, GAC, global area coverage, VIIRS, Suomi NPP, JPSS, AERONET, TCDR, CEOS, MODAPS 2017 A Terrestrial Surface Climate Data Record for Global Change Studies Earth surface and interior
033, John Kimball, Montana, ESDR, landscape, freeze, thaw, frozen temperature, surface water, SMMR, scanning multichannel, SSM/I, special sensor, microwave imager, SSMIS, sounder, AMSR-E, AMSR2, polar grid, machine learning, data fusion, SMAP, soil moisture, L-band 2017 Continuity and Enhancement of the Freeze/Thaw Earth System Data Record Earth surface and interior
034, GES DISC, Michael Bosilovich, Goddard, MERRA, research, analysis, root mean square, RMS, forecast departure, bias correction, MLS, microwave limb sounder, ARMS, HiRS, infrared, MSU, SSM/I, special sensor, imager, AMSU, AIRS, CrIS, cross track, MODIS, MISR, data fusion, GEOS, data assimilation 2017 Development of Gridded Innovations and Observations Supplement to MERRA-2 and Future GEOS-5 Data Products Earth surface and interior
035, Yehuda Bock, California, San Diego, earthquakes, tectonic motion, crustal deformation, GPS, interseismic stage, ETS, tremor, slip, Scripps, SIO, JPL, ESDR, REASoN, ACCESS, ESI, early stage innovation, SESES, velocity, displacement, water vapor, GNSS, seismogeodetic, atmospheric turbulence, CDDIS 2017 ESESES: Enhanced Solid Earth Science ESDR System Earth surface and interior
036, David Roy, South Dakota, Landsat, GWELD, NEX, Earth Exchange, land cover, geophysical, biophysical, analysis ready data, HDF, GeoTIFF, GIBS 2017 Global Long-Term Multi-Sensor Web-Enabled Landsat Data Record - A Continuation Request Earth surface and interior
037, Alex Gardner, JPL, high temporal frequency, ICESat, ice, cloud, land elevation, NISAR, ISRO, SAR, Landsat, Sentinel, Level 2, Greenland, Antarctica, Alaska, Svalbard, high mountain Asia, HMA, Patagonia, mosaic, ice flow, Operation IceBridge, laser altimetry, CryoSat, radar waveforms, GoLIVE, ice velocityARIA, advanced rapid imaging, ice sheet 2017 ITS LIVE: Inter-Mission Time Series of Land Ice Velocity and Elevation Earth surface and interior
066, PO.DAAC, Felix Landerer, JPL, temporal gravity field variations, geodetics, LAGEOS, Starlette, Ajisai, Stella, laser ranging, SLR, ice mass loss, Greenland, Antarctica, glacier, ice caps, groundwater depletion, India, California, ocean mass changes, sea level change, ocean currents, SDS, science data system, surface mass fields, ESDR, CF format, decadal survey 2012 An Earth System Data Record of Earth's Surface Mass Variations from GRACE and Geodetic Satellites Earth surface and interior
067, LP DAAC, Sean Buckley, JPL, DEM, digital elevation model, SRTM, shuttle radar topography, ICESat, ice, cloud, land, GLAS, geoscience laser altimeter, ASTER, Terra, GDEM, GMTED, NGA, Canada, interferometric coherence, radar backscatter, incidence angle, radiometric correction, mosaic, land cover, land use, Kobrick, tropical 2012 NASADEM: Creating a New NASA Digital Elevation Model and Associated Products Earth surface and interior
068, CDDIS, Yehuda Bock, Scripps, SIO, GPS, SESES, ESDR, ESI, GEOSS, SBA, InSAR, SAR, PWV, precipitable water vapor, California, AIST, ACCESS 2012 Solid Earth Science ESDR System Earth surface and interior
093, CDDIS, Victor Zlotnicki, JPL, GRACE, gravity, Greenland, Antarctica, derived mass distribution, spherical harmonic, SH, CHAMP, minisatellite payload, coefficient, Starlette, Ajisai, Stella, LAGEOS, Etalon, Beacon-C, GPS, hydrologic, cryospheric, oceanic, equivalent water thickness, resolution, error estimate 2006 An Earth System Data Record of Changes in Earth Masses from GRACE, CHAMP and Other Satellites Earth surface and interior
094, CDDIS, Frank Webb, JPL, CGPS, GPS, ESDR, EarthScope, terrestrial reference frame definition, solid Earth, natural hazards, SENH, GGOS, GNSS , California, service oriented architecture 2006 Solid Earth Science ESDR System Earth surface and interior
095, LP DAAC, Michael Kobrick, JPL, topography, SRTM, shuttle radar, DEM, digital elevation model, ASTER, ICESat, ice, cloud, land, tracking, pointing data 2006 The Definitive Merged Global Digital Topographic Data Set Earth surface and interior
038, Eric Fetzer, JPL, NOAA, EUMSAT, GPS, radio occultation, GPS-RO, sounder, hyperspectral infrared, microwave, cloud imager, AMSU-B, AVHRR, A-Train, water vapor record 2017 A Multidecadal Satellite Record of Water Vapor, Temperature and Clouds water and energy cycle
039, Svetla Hristova-Veleva, JPL, ocean surface winds, wind stress, circulation, latent heat flux, convective core, mesoscale system, MJO, Madden Julian Oscillation, El Niño, Hadley cell, Ku-band, C-band, IOVWST, wind vector, ScatSat, ASCAT, QuikSCAT 2017 Creating an Extended and Consistent ESDR of the Ocean Surface Winds, Stress and Their Dynamically-Significant Derivatives for the Period 1999-2022 water and energy cycle
040, Lisan Yu, Woods Hole, ESDR, air sea variables, turbulent fluxes, ocean surface wind speed, air temperature, specific humidity, momentum fluxes, latent heat flux, sensible heat flux, moisture flux evaporation, bulk flux, Qa, Ta, Tb, brightness temperatures, SSM/I, SSMIS, special sensor, microwave imager, sounder, AMSU-A, AIRS, HIRS, AMSR-E, AMSR2, vector wind, Ku-band, C-band, spatial inhomogeneity 2017 Earth System Data Records (ESDRs) of Air-Sea Variables and Fluxes Anchored on Global Moored-Buoy Observations water and energy cycle
041, Christopher Kidd, Maryland, rainfall, snowfall, precipitation, retrieval scheme, technique 2017 Fundamental Data Records for Precipitation water and energy cycle
042, Ali Behrangi, JPL, GPCP, global precipitation climatology, GEWEX, energy, water cycle exchange, WCRP, high latitude, rainfall, snowfall, CloudSat, GRACE, gravity, GPM, global precipitation measurement, OceanRAIN, MERRA, RACMO2, TRMM, tropical 2017 High Latitude Improvement of Long-Term GPCP Precipitation Products Using Recent NASA Missions water and energy cycle
043, Felix Landerer, JPL, GRACE, gravity, satellite laser ranging, SLR, sea level budget, ocean mass, ESDR, sea level budget, ocean heat content, large scale ocean transport, ACC, Antarctic Circumpolar Current, AMOC, Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 2017 HOMAGE: Heat and Ocean Mass from Gravity ESDR water and energy cycle
069, PO.DAAC, Dennis Lettenmaier, Washington, Charon Birkett, Maryland, Eric Wood, Princeton, C.K. Shum, Mike Durand, Ohio, water use, land surface, energy balance, model, water cycle, river flow, sea level, SWOT, surface water ocean topography, TOPEX, Jason, MODIS, altimetry, river height, flux, runoff, streamflow, G-REALM, ESA, CNES, 2012 Development of Pre-SWOT ESDRs for Global Surface Water Storage Dynamics water and energy cycle
096, PPS, Christian Kummerow, Colorado, rainfall, calibration, PMP, precipitation measurement, GPROF, Goddard, algorithm, SSM/I, SSMIS, special sensor, microwave imager, sounder, TRMM, tropical rainfall, AMSR-E, WindSat, brightness temperature, REASoN, uncertainty, PPS 2006 A Long-Term Precipitation Dataset with Uncertainty Information water and energy cycle
097, ASF, Kyle McDonald, JPL, wetlands, biogeochemistry, hydrology, biology diversity, methane concentration, CH4, anthropogenic change, tropical, boreal peatlands, soil carbon, methanogenesis, carbon cycle, ESDR, carbon dioxide, CO2, water, climate, greenhouse gas emissions, health, biodiversity, habitat, vegetation, SAR, animal, Montana, NTSG, terradynamic simulation, ESIP, JAXA 2006 An Inundated Wetlands Earth System Data Record: Global Monitoring of Wetland Extent and Dynamics water and energy cycle
098, GES DISC, Eric Wood, Princeton, ESDR, terrestrial water cycle, surface downward radiation, solar, longwave, assimilated flux, surface soil moisture storage, basin, snow water equivalent, lake, reservoir, wetland, evapotranspiration, surface runoff, land suface model, LSM, surface water budget, TRMM, tropical rainfall, GPCP, CMORPH, climate prediction, AMSR-E, SMMR, microwave imager, SSM/I, special sensor, ERS, MODIS, AVHRR, ISCCP, low Earth orbit, LEO, ESDSWG 2006 Developing Consistent Earth System Data Records for the Global Terrestrial Water Cycle water and energy cycle
099, GES DISC, Chung-Lin Shie, Maryland, Goddard, surface turbulent flux, GSSTFYC, energy, water cycle, sea surface, NCEP, sea surface temperature, SST, SSM/I, special sensor, microwave imager, DMSP, NEWS, GEWEX, hydrologic cycle 2006 Reprocessing of Goddard Satellite-Based Surface Turbulent Fluxes (GSSTF) Data Set for Global Water and Energy Cycle Research water and energy cycle

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