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EOSDIS Cloud Evolution

EOSDIS Cloud graphicThe amount of data in the EOSDIS archive is expected to grow significantly over the next five to eight years. Hosting these data in the cloud, along with EOSDIS services, provides not only the flexibility to store these data, but also the ability for data users to do more with these data. The articles and links in this section give you the latest information about these efforts along with resources that can help you better understand this significant evolution.

Introduction to EOSDIS Cloud Efforts Evolving NASA Earth Science Data and Services to the Cloud
Latest News EOSDIS Data and Services Begin Migration to the Cloud
DAAC Cloud Efforts ASF DAAC News & Notes : Getting Ready for NISAR (Summer 2017)
NASA Cloud Resources

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

NASA Digital Strategy

Cloud Computing Technologies Facilitate Earth Research
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