Commercial Smallsat Data Publications

Read how scientists are using commercial Earth science small satellite data. If you are a NASA-funded researcher and have published a paper using commercial datasets associated with the Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program, please send it to CSDA to have it posted.



Publications using Planet smallsat data.

Keywords Title Primary author Year
099, 2020, Coffer Performance across WorldView-2 and RapidEye for reproducible seagrass mapping.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 25.
Coffer, M 2020
100, 2020, Schaeffer Resolvable estuaries for satellite derived water quality within the continental United States.
Remote Sensing Letters, 11(6): 535-544.
Schaeffer, B. 2020
102,2019, Amatya Use of Very High-Resolution Optical Data for Landslide Mapping and Susceptibility Analysis along the Karnali Highway, Nepal.
Remote Sensing 11(19).
Amatya, P. 2019
103, 2019, Bell, J. The 3 March 2019 Tornado Outbreak: A Look from Space Bell, J. 2019
104,2019, Kirschbaum The State of Remote Sensing Capabilities of Cascading Hazards Over High Mountain Asia. Kirschbaum, D. 2019
105, 2019, Roy, Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 burned area mapping - A combined sensor multi-temporal change detection approach.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 231(15).
Roy, D. 2019


Keywords Title Primary author Year
100, 2020, Lucas Structural characterisation of mangrove forests achieved through combining multiple sources of remote sensing data.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol 237, ISSN 0034-4257. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2019.111543
Lucas, R 2020
101, 2019, Chesterman The effects of trainings in soil and water conservation on farming practices, livelihoods, and land-use intensity in the Ethiopian highlands.
Land Use Policy. Volume 87, September 2019, 104051. doi: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2019.104051
Chesterman, N.S. 2019
102, 2019, Hackkenberg Characterizing multi-decadal, annual land cover change dynamics in Houston, TX based on automated classification of Landsat imagery. Hakkenberg, C.R. 2019
103, 2019, Hogeun Spatiotemporal changes of informal settlements: Ger districts in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 191, 103630, ISSN 0169-2046, doi: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2019.103630
Hogeun, P. 2019
104, 2019, Hughes Basaltic terrains in Idaho and Hawai 'i as planetary analogs for Mars geology and astrobiology. Hughes, S. 2019
105, 2019, Montesano Boreal canopy surfaces from spaceborne stereogrammetry.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 225, Pages 148-159, ISSN 0034-4257. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2019.02.012
Montesano, P. 2019
106, 2019, Rahman Improved assessment of mangrove forests in Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary using WorldView 2 and TanDEM?X high resolution imagery.
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, 5: 136-149. doi:10.1002/rse2.105
Rahmen, M.M. 2019
107, 2018, Axelsson A Study of African Savanna Vegetation Structure, Patterning, and Change.
Electronic Theses and Dissertations.
Axelsson, C. 2018
108, 2018, Axelsson CR, Rates of woody encroachment in African savannas reflect water constraints and fire disturbance.
J Biogeography, 2018;00:1–10. doi: 10.1111/jbi.13221
Axelsson, C. 2018
109, 2018, Giannico Contributions of landscape heterogeneity within the footprint of eddy-covariance towers to flux measurements.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volumes 260–261, 15 October 2018, Pages 144-153, ISSN 0168-1923. doi: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2018.06.004
Giannico, V. 2018
110, 2018, Hogeun Urban Transformation in Transitional Economies: Lessons From the Mongolian Plateau.
Michigan State University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.
Hogeun, P. 2018
111, 2018, Meng Measuring short-term post-fire forest recovery across a burn severity gradient in a mixed pine-oak forest using multi-sensor remote sensing techniques.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 210, 1 June 2018, Pages 282-296, ISSN 0034-4257. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2018.03.019
Meng, R. 2018
112, 2018, Molinario Forest Cover Dynamics of Shifting Cultivation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
University of Maryland, Digital Repository at the University of Maryland, Dissertation. doi:10.13016/iazo-hngv
Molinario, G 2018
113, 2018, Nakalembe Characterizing agricultural drought in the Karamoja subregion of Uganda with meteorological and satellite-based indices.
Natural Hazards. doi: 10.1007/s11069-017-3106-x
Nakalembe, C. 2018
114, 2018, Neigh, C. Smallholder crop area mapped with wall-to-wall WorldView sub-meter panchromatic image texture: A test case for Tigray, Ethiopia.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 212, 2018, 8-20. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2018.04.025
Neigh, C. 2018
115, 2018, Pelletier Anticipating social equity impacts in REDD+ policy design: An example from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Land Use Policy, Volume 75, June 2018, 102-115, ISSN 0264-8377. doi: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2018.03.011
Pelletier, J. 2018
116, 2018, Rocio Changes in tall shrub abundance on the North Slope of Alaska, 2000–2010.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 219, 221-232. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2018.10.009
Rocio, R. 2018
117, 2018, Toure Land cover and land use change analysis using multi-spatial resolution data and object-based image analysis.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 210, 259-268.
Toure, S.I. 2018
118, 2018, Wu Biological processes dominate seasonality of remotely sensed canopy greenness in an Amazon evergreen forest.
New Phytologist, 217(4), 1507-1520.
Wu, J. 2018
119, 2017, Carroll, M.L., Loboda, T.V. Multi-Decadal Surface Water Dynamics in North American Tundra.
Remote Sensing, 2017, 9(5), 497. doi: 10.3390/rs9050497
Carroll, M.L. 2017
120, 2017, Jain, M., Mondal, P., Galford, G.L., Fiske, G., and DeFries, R.S. An Automated Approach to Map Winter Cropped Area of Smallholder Farms across Large Scales Using MODIS Imagery.
Remote Sensing, 9(6), 566. doi: 10.3390/rs9060566
Jain, M. 2017
121, 2017, Marcucci, E.C., Hamilton, C.W., Herrick, R.R. Remote sensing evidence of lava–ground ice interactions associated with the Lost Jim Lava Flow, Seward Peninsula, Alaska Marcucci, E.C. 2017
122, 2017, McCarty, J.L., Neigh, C.S.R., Carroll, M.L., Wooten, M.R. Extracting smallholder cropped area in Tigray, Ethiopia with wall-to-wall sub-meter WorldView and moderate resolution Landsat 8 imagery. McCarty, J.L. 2017
123, 2017, Molinario, Hansen, M.C., Potapov, P.V., Tyukavina, A., Stehman, S., Barker, B., Humber, M. Quantification of land cover and land use within the rural complex of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Environmental Research Letters, Volume 12, Number 10
Molinario, G 2017
124, 2017, Montesano, P., Neigh, C.S.R., Sun, G., Duncanson, L.I., Van Den Hoek, J., & Ranson The use of sun elevation angle for stereogrammetric boreal forest height in open canopies.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 196, 76-88. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2017.04.024
Montesano, P. 2017
125, 2017, Nakalembe, C., Dempewolf, J., Justice, C. Agricultural land use change in Karamoja Region, Uganda.
Land Use Policy, Volume 62, March 2017, 2–12.
Nakalembe, C. 2017
126, 2017, Neigh C.S.R., McCorkel J., Campbell P.K.E., Ong, L., Ly, V., Landis, D., Middleton E.M. Using high spatial resolution satellite imagery to map forest burn severity across spatial scales in a Pine Barrens ecosystem.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 191, 15 March 2017, 95–109.
Neigh, C. 2017
127, 2017, Ranson, K.J., Mikhail N. Yagunov Climate-induced mortality of Siberian pine and fir in the Lake Baikal Watershed, Siberia.
Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 384, 15 January 2017, 191-199.
Ranson, K.J. 2017
128, 2017, Schaffer-Smith, Swenson, J.J., Barbaree, B., Reiter, M.E. Three decades of Landsat-derived spring surface water dynamics in an agricultural wetland mosaic; Implications for migratory shorebirds.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 193, May 2017, 180-192.
Schaffer-Smith, D. 2017
129, 2016, Bennett, G. L., J. J. Roering, B. H. Mackey, A. L. Handwerger, D. A. Schmidt, and B. P. Guillod Historic drought puts the brakes on earthflows in Northern California.
Geophysical Research Letters, 43, 5725–5731. doi: 10.1002/2016GL068378
Benneett, G.L. 2016
130, 2016, Bernardes, S., M. Madden Vegetation Disturbance and Recovery Following a Rare Windthrow Event in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (pdf).
The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XLI-B8, 2016 XXIII SPRS Congress, 12–19 July 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.
Bernardes, S. 2016
131, 2016, Coulter, L. L., Stow, D. A., Tsai, Y., Ibanez, N., Shih, H., Kerr, A., Benza, M., Weeks, J. R., Mensah, F. Classification and assessment of land cover and land use change in southern Ghana using dense stacks of Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 184, October 2016, 396–409.
Coulter, L.L. 2016
132, 2016, de Beurs, K.M., Owsley, B.C., Julian, J.P Disturbance analyses of forests and grasslands with MODIS and Landsat in New Zealand.
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Volume 45, Part A, March 2016, 42–54.
de Beurs, K.M. 2016
133, 2016, Dong, J., Xiaoa, X., Menargueza, M.A., Zhanga, G., Qi, Y., Thau, D. ., Biradar, C., Moore III, B. Mapping paddy rice planting area in northeastern Asia with Landsat 8 images, phenology-based algorithm and Google Earth Engine.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2016, 185, 142-154. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2016.02.016
Dong, J. 2016
134, 2016, Dronova, I., SR Beissinger, JW Burnham, P Gong Landscape-Level Associations of Wintering Waterbird Diversity and Abundance from Remotely Sensed Wetland Characteristics of Poyang Lake.
Remote Sensing, 2016, 8(6), 462. doi: 10.3390/rs8060462
Dronova, I 2016
135, 2016, Duchesne, R., Chopping, M., Tape, K. Capability of the CANAPI algorithm to derive shrub structural parameters from satellite imagery in the Alaskan Arctic.
Polar Record, 52(2), 124-133. doi: 10.1017/S0032247415000509
Duchesne, R. 2016
136, 2016, Kharuk, V.I., A. S. Shushpanov, T. S. T. Im, K. J. Ranson Climate-induced landsliding within the larch dominant permafrost zone of central Siberia.
Environmental Research Letters, Volume 11, Number 4.
Kharuk, V.I. 2016
137, 2016, Lagomasino, D., Fatoyinbo, T., Lee, S., Feliciano, E., Trettin, C., Simard A Comparison of Mangrove Canopy Height Using Multiple Independent Measurements from Land, Air, and Space.
Remote Sensing, 2016, 8(4), 327. doi: 10.3390/rs8040327
Lagomasino, D. 2016
138, 2016, Neigh C.S.R., McCorkel J., Campbell P.K.E., Ong, L., Ly, V., Landis, D., Middleton E.M. Monitoring orbital precession of EO-1 Hyperion with three atmospheric correction models in the Libya-4 PICS.
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Vol. 13, NO. 12, Dec 2016.
Neigh, C. 2016
139, 2016, Neigh, C.S.R., Masek, J.G., Bourget, P., Rishmawi, K., Zhou, F., Huang, C., Cook, B., Nelson, R.F. Regional rates of young US forest growth estimated from annual Landsat disturbance history and IKONOS stereo imagery.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 173, 282-293. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2015.09.007
Neigh, C. 2016
140, 2015, Balch, J.K., Brando, P.M., Nepstad, D.C., Coe, M.T., Silverio, D., Massad, T.J., Davidson, E.A., Lefebvre, P., Oliveira-Santos, C., Rocha, W., Cury, R.T.S., Parsons, A., Carvalho, K. The Susceptibility of Southeastern Amazon Forests to Fire: Insights from a Large-Scale Burn Experiment.
Bioscience, 65, 893-905.
Balch, J.K. 2015
141, 2015, Dronova, I., P. Gong, L, Wang, L. Zhong Mapping dynamic cover types in a large seasonally flooded wetland using extended principal component analysis and object-based classification.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 158, 193–206.
Dronova, I 2015
142, 2015, Duchesne, O., Rocio, R. Changes in tall shrub abundance on the North Slope of Alaska, 2000-2010.
Montclair State University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2015. 3721431
Duchesne, O. 2015
143, 2015, Engstrom, R., A. Sandborn, Q. Yu, J. Burgdorfer, D. Stow, J. Weeks, J. Graesser Mapping Slums Using Spatial Features in Accra, Ghana.
Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE), March 30 2015-April 1 2015.
Engstrom, R. 2015
144, 2015, Lagomasino, D., Fatoyinbo, T., Lee, S.K., Simard, M. High-resolution forest canopy height estimation in an Africa blue carbon ecosystem.
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation. doi: 10.1002/rse2.3
Lagomasino, D. 2015
145, 2015, Myint, S.W., Zheng, B., Talen, E., Fan, C., Kaplan, S., Middel, A., Smith, M., Huang, H., Brazel, A. Does the spatial arrangement of urban landscape matter? Examples of urban warming and cooling in Phoenix and Las Vegas.
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 1, 1-15. doi: 10.1890/EHS14-0028.1
Myint, S.W. 2015
146, 2015, Neigh C.S.R., Masek J., Bourget P., Rishmawi K., Zhao F, Huang C., Cook B., Nelson R. Regional rates of US forest growth measured from annual Landsat disturbance history and IKONOS stereo imagery. Neigh, C. 2015
147, 2015, Tyukavina, A. Characterizing Forest Disturbance Dynamics in the Humid Tropics Using Optical and Lidar Remotely Sensed Data Sets.
University of Maryland, Digital Repository at the University of Maryland, Dissertation. doi: 10.13016/M2W615
Tyukavina, A.

148, 2015, Wang, Jl, Xiao, Xl, Qin, Y., Dong, Jl, Zhang, G., Kou, Wl, Jin, C., Zhou, Y., Zhang, Y. Mapping paddy rice planting area in wheat-rice double-cropped areas through integration of Landsat-8 OLI, MODIS, and PALSAR images. Scientific Reports volume 5, Article number: 10088. Wang, J.I. 2015
149, 2015, White, E. V., and Roy, D. P.
A contemporary decennial examination of changing agricultural field sizes using Landsat time series data.
Geography and Environment, 2: 33–54. doi: 10.1002/geo2.4
White, E.V. 2015
150, 2014, Dong, J., Xiao, J., Kou, W., Qin, Y., Zhang, G., Li, L., Jin, C., Zhou, Y., Wang, J., Biradar, C., Liu, J., Moore, B.
Tracking the dynamics of paddy rice planting area in 1986–2010 through time series Landsat images and phenology-based algorithms.
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 160, April 2015, 99–113.
Dong, J. 2014
151, 2014, Frost, G.V., Epstein, H. E Tall shrub and tree expansion in Siberian tundra ecotones since the 1960s.
Global Change Biology, 20:1264-1277.
Frost, G.V. 2014
152, 2014, Frost, G.V., Epstein, H. E., Walker, D.A.
Regional and landscape-scale variability of Landsat-observed vegetation dynamics in northwest Siberian tundra.
Environmental Research Letters, 9:025004.
Frost, G.V. 2014
153, 2014, McCarty, J. L., Potapov, P., Prishchepov, A., Turubanova, S., Hansen, M. C., Romanenkov, V., Rukhovitch, D., Koroleva, P., Dubinin, M.
The role of environmental, socioeconomic, institutional, and land-cover/ land-use change factors to explain the pattern and drivers of anthropogenic fires in post-Soviet Eastern Europe: a case study comparison of Belarus, European Russia, and Lithuania.
NASA LCLUC Science Team Meeting.
McCarty, J.L. 2014
154, 2014, Montesano, P., Sun, G., Dubayah, R., Ranson, J. The Uncertainty of Plot-Scale Forest Height Estimates from Complementary Spaceborne Observations in the Taiga-Tundra Ecotone.
Remote Sensing, 6, 10070-10088. doi:10.3390/rs61010070
Montesano, P. 2014
155, 2014, Neigh C.S.R., Masek J., Bourget P., Cook B., Huang C., Rishmawi K., Zhao F.
Deciphering the precision of stereo IKONOS canopy height models for U.S. forests with G-LiHT airborne LiDAR.
Remote Sensing, 6 1762-1782. doi: 10.3390/rs6031762
Neigh, C. 2014
156, 2013, Frost, G.V., Epstein, H. E., Walker, D.A., Matyshak, G., Ermokhina, K.
Patterned-ground facilitates shrub expansion in Low Arctic tundra.
Environmental Research Letters, 8:015035.
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157, 2013, Jain, M., P. Mondal, R.S. DeFries, C. Small, G.L. Galford
Mapping cropping intensity of smallholder farms – a comparison of methods using multiple sensors.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 134: 210-223.
Jain, M. 2013
158, 2013, Tyukavina, A., Stehman, S V Potapov, P V Turubanova, S A Baccini, A Goetz, Laporte, N T Houghton R A, and Hansen, M C National-scale estimation of gross forest aboveground carbon loss: a case study of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Environmental Research Letters, 8:04403.
Tyukavina, A.


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