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Snow from East Coast Winter Storm

Image captured on 30 January 2022 by the MODIS instrument aboard the Terra satellite.

False-color (Bands 7-2-1) corrected reflectance before and after images of snow along the East Coast of the USA after a winter storm. The image on the left is from before the storm on 27 January 2022 and the image on the right is from after the storm on 30 January 2022. The images were acquired by Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradometer (MODIS), aboard the Terra satellite. This band combination can be used to distinguish snow and ice from clouds. Snow and ice are very reflective in the visible part of the spectrum (Band 1), and absorbent in Bands 2 (near infrared) and 7 (short-wave infrared, or SWIR). The snow, in blue, mainly fell along the eastern coastal regions and can be seen in the comparison image from Virginia to Massachusetts. Swipe the center bar back and forth to see the snow along the coast.

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