Severe Storms

Near real-time satellite data are used to revise or confirm 24-hour forecasts related to weather systems approaching the land from the oceans, which in turn gives confidence for flood warnings. Satellite images are also useful in providing everyone with the same 'big picture' of severe storms.

Users can visualize imagery related to floods in Worldview, or download data using the links below

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Hurricane Maria in Worldview

Visualize near real-time (NRT) data related to Severe Storms in Worldview

Hurricane Maria moved across the Caribbean in mid-September 2017, making landfall in southeastern Puerto Rico on 20 September 2017. Using the date slider at the bottom of the screen it is possible to track the storm using Worldview. Read more at NASA's Earth Observatory.

Read about how near real-time LANCE AIRS Data Contribute to the Successful Forecast of Hurricane Sandy.

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