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Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS)

FIRMS delivers global MODIS hotspots / fire locations in easy to use formats.

Download active fire locations, subscribe to email alerts or view fire locations in in Web Fire Mapper. Monthly MODIS Burned Area (MCD45) images can be viewed in Web Fire Mapper. The active fire locations represent the center of a 1km pixel that is flagged by the MOD14/MYD14 Fire and Thermal Anomalies algorithm as containing one or more fires within the pixel.

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Download Data
Download recent and historic global MODIS fire locations in user friendly formats.
, KML, WMS or Text Files
Archive Download Tool
Email Alerts
Receive notification of fires in your area-of-interest by subscribing to free FIRMS fire email alerts. Email alerts can be delivered in near real-time or as daily or weekly summaries.
Web Fire Mapper
Interactively browse daily global MODIS Fire locations and monthly burned areas through Web Fire Mapper.
Global Fire Maps
View and download global 10-day fire maps and monthly composite animations by year, summarizing the fire activity across the world.
Learn about FIRMS
Learn about FIRMS, background, publications and links.
View Frequently Asked Questions about FIRMS and MODIS fire data.