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GeoTIFF (Georeferenced Tagged Image File Format) is an open file format and de facto standard based on the TIFF format and is used as an interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery. GeoTIFF is in wide use in NASA Earth science data systems.

The GeoTIFF 1.0 specification is dated 28 December, 2000. However, this specification is out of date due to changes over time in how various organizations employed the GeoTIFF format. Most organizations use the libgeotiff library software, which has been updated many times since the original version.

Current users and suppliers of GeoTIFF-formatted data rely primarily on being able to acheive interoperability based on using the same software code base (libgeotiff) and on commonly known (but not well-documented) conventions.


Developing Standard

Recognizing the importance of GeoTIFF, ESDIS and the ESDIS Standards Office have been actively investigating ways to (a) document the current state of GeoTIFF, the format, as embodied in libgeotiff and (b) document the current practice as employed by NASA data providers.

As part of an approach towards developing a current document covering GeoTIFF and its use, ESDIS helped charter the GeoTIFF Standards Working Group at the Open Geospatial Consortium.


Links to GeoTIFF information are below. Note that ESDIS does not endorse the material that can be found via these links.

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