ESO-CMR Reviews

ESDIS Standards Office (ESO) - Common Metadata Repository (CMR) Reviews

The ESDIS Standards Office (ESO) is assisting the Common Metadata Repository (CMR) Project Team with a series of reviews of metadata documents that form the basis of the Unified Metadata Model (UMM) concepts implemented in the CMR.

If you would like to participate in an ESO-CMR review, please contact the ESO at

Currently active reviews

  • UMM-Variables (UMM-Var) - This is the first review of this document; UMM-Var serves as a reference profile for geospatial science measurement metadata for collections and granules. The term “Variable” is an artifact that represents a measurement. The description of the Variable includes what was being measured (i.e. the observable property, and how it was measured (e.g. what instrument, what resolution, what location, etc.). The Variable metadata will consist of its name and other characteristics. The CMR Variable class can be utilized to simplify search and retrieval of data products at the variable level. Variables are stored within a data granule.

    • Jama link - online review system (account needed, see below)
    • Downloadable document (Word .docx format, PDF format)
    • Review period: October 23 - December 1, 2017 (ends midnight EDT)

  • UMM-Services (UMM-S) - This document has been overhauled since the last review. This updated UMM-S provides metadata to support the UI/UX-driven approach to end to end services. Specifically, when a user wants to know what services are available for a particular collection, he/she makes selection via the UI, e.g. Subsetting, data transformation and the desired output file formats. The UMM-S enables the population of the various options which are surfaced in the UI to support these selections. This version of the service design describes the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to focus on what is the minimum service metadata needed to support the UI/US, specifically for Earthdata Search.

    • Jama link - online review system (account needed, see below)
    • Downloadable document (Word .docx format, PDF format)
    • Review period: October 23 - December 1, 2017 (ends midnight EDT)

UMM reference documents

When reviewing the UMM-Var and UMM-S documents, it may help to refer to the UMM-Common document where many common metadata elements are documented. UMM-Common can be found on the CMR Documents page or you can download it directly: UMM-Common in .docx format.

Review instructions

Reviews can be submitted either via the Jama system (see below), which is preferred, or by emailing comments or marked-up, commented versions of the downloadable documents to the ESO at

To submit a review via the Jama system, please contact the ESO at to have your name added to the access list for the document(s). Once you are registered to provide a review, you will receive email from the CMR Team with links to the documents under review. When you get the email, please follow these instructions to gain access to the documents and to begin the review.

In order to log in to the Jama system (i.e. to follow any of the Jama review links) you must have an Earthdata Login. Use your Earthdata Login username and password to log in to Jama. Earthdata Login username and password recovery can be done at

NOTE: Information on this page is subject to change.

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