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ISO 19115 Geographic Metadata Information


The Earth Science Division (ESD) Base Metadata Requirements document defines the ESD-approved implementation guidelines for required metadata to be included in science data products. The metadata requirements represented in this page provide a means of assuring the consistency of data requirements across subsystems, and supporting the data standardization necessary for system interoperability. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Geographic Information – Metadata standard 19115 (and related standards) shall be used to describe science data products. This standard includes two parts, 19115-1 and 19115-2. 19115-1 and 19115-2 include elements that are critical for NASA collections and products. In addition, the data quality elements of 19115 have been extracted into another standard (ISO 19157). Complete descriptions of NASA collections and products will require elements from all of these standards.

Missions will need to work with metadata specialists at their assigned DAACs to meet this requirement. At a minimum, the mission data system should provide enough information that the DAAC can generate sufficient collection level and granule level metadata to ingest into the Common Metadata Repository (CMR). ISO-compliant metadata can be exported from CMR as needed.

User resources for ISO metadata, CMR, and the Unified Metadata Model on which CMR is based are provided below. NASA conventions and best practices for ISO 19115 are currently under development, but a wealth of user resources is available.

More Information

User Resources

ISO 19115 metadata conventions for NASA: EOSDIS Metadata Format Depot ISO Schemas

NASA ESDIS Unified Metadata Model (UMM): The Unified Metadata Model (UMM) encompasses various metadata profiles maintained and archived by EOSDIS, including ISO 19115, and is used by the Common Metadata Repository to drive search and retrieval of metadata cataloged within that system. UMM profiles are not metadata standards.

ISO Documents

  • Current
    • ISO 19115-1:2014 Geographic information -- Metadata -- Part 1: Fundamentals (In use by SMAP and will be used for ICESat-2 metadata)
    • ISO 19115-2:2009 Geographic information -- Metadata -- Part 2: Extensions for imagery and gridded data
    • ISO 19139:2007 Geographic information -- Metadata -- XML schema implementation (In use by SMAP and will be used for ICESat-2 metadata)
    • ISO 19157:2013 Geographic information -- Data Quality
    • ISO/TS 19157-2:2016 Geographic information -- Data quality -- Part 2: XML schema implementation
  • Upcoming
    • ISO 19115-3:2016 Geographic information -- Metadata -- Part 3: XML schema implementation for fundamental concepts
Legacy Information NASA Base Metadata Requirements

NASA employees and those supporting NASA projects can obtain official ISO documentation at no cost, via the NASA Technical Standards Program. You will need a NASA Agency User ID and password to access the Standards site. For those who don't have an Agency User ID, please contact Christopher.S.Lynnes@nasa.gov

Please send comments on the metadata requirements specification to eso-staff@lists.nasa.gov.

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