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Metrics Planning Group (MPG)

The purpose of the Metrics Planning Group (MPG) is to review and recommend program-level performance metrics and collection tools that measure how well each data activity supports the NASA Science Mission Directorate's Earth science, application, and education programs. The MPG was formerly known as the Metrics Planning and Reporting Working Group (MPARWG) and was part of the Earth Science Data System Working Groups (ESDSWG) until it was renamed to MPG and elevated as a standalone part of the Community Data System Programs in November 2011.

The MPG provides on-going review, evaluation, recommendations, and metrics evolution for the NASA Earth science data and service provider community.

The MPG recommends additions, deletions, or modifications to the set of metrics. Recommendations may be approved, modified, or rejected by NASA. If approved, NASA Science Mission Directorate-funded Earth science data and service providers will have to make the recommended changes in their reporting.NASA Science Mission Directorate-funded Earth science data system projects report their metrics using a web-based metrics collection tool.

Previous MPARWG Workshop Presentations

Standing Reference Documents

Metrics Baseline November 2011H. K Ramapriyan & Clyde Brown
Draft Update: Policy on Archiving Metrics Data, September, 2011Greg Hunolt
MPAR-WG RecommendationsH. K Ramapriyan & Clyde Brown
Minutes: Product Quality Metrics Telecon, August 17, 2010Greg Hunolt
Summary of ACCESS Metrics Telecon, January 12, 2010Greg Hunolt
MEaSUREs and DAACs Best Practices: Discussions at the Metrics Planning and Reporting Working Group Meeting - October 20, 2010Greg Hunolt


October 2011 MPAR WG Presentations

MPARWG 2011 Meeting SummaryRama / C. Brown
MPARWG 2011 List of AttendeesRama / C. Brown


October 2010 MPAR WG Presentations

Metrics Reporting ReviewG. Hunolt, SGT
ASFVickie Wolf
CDDISRama / Carey Noll
GES DISCSteve Kempler
GHRCHelen Conover
NSIDCRon Weaver / Marilyn Kaminski
PO.DAACDavid Moroni
ASDCJ. Kuesterer
Quantification of errors in different Earth science disciplinesPeter Cornillon
MEaSUREs -- DAACs Best PracticesH. K. Ramapriyan , GSFC
Measuring Product QualityH. K. Ramapriyan , GSFC
Data CastingJ. Lacy
Product Quality MetricsK. Didan
Program level Quality MetricsD. Smith
Metrics Collection ToolRandy Barth, GSFC
Post-processing and Referral MetricsT. Sohre, EDC J. Werpy, EDC
WELD Product Distribution MetricsI. Kommareddy, D. Roy J. Ju
Disposition of 2009 Action Items

Implementation of Citation Count Metrics

Metrics Report Out
H. K. Ramapriyan , GSFC
MPARWG 2010 Meeting SummaryH. K. Ramapriyan , GSFC



October 2009 MPAR WG Presentations

1. Metrics/MPAR-WG introduction at plenaryH. K Ramapriyan
2. Introduction to the MPAR-WGH. K Ramapriyan
3. Response to Martha Maiden's Four QuestionsGreg Hunolt
4. E-Books and MetricsH. K Ramapriyan
5. Disposition of Action Items from 2008 MPAR-WG MeetingH. K Ramapriyan
6. FY2009 Metrics Review (Actions and Progress)Greg Hunolt
7. MEaSUREs Telecon ReviewH. K Ramapriyan
8. Metrics Baseline ReviewGreg Hunolt
9. Collecting citationsDebra Smith
10. Overview of metrics collection, MCT and EMSH. K Ramapriyan
11. Transition of Metrics ReportingKevin Murphy
12. Metrics White Paper (April 2009) with Tools InformationKeven Murphy
13. Metrics Collection Tool (MCT) UpdateRandy Barth
14. Summary of the MPAR-WG sessions for the full ESDSWGH. K Ramapriyan
15. MPAR-WG minutesGreg Hunolt