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Workshop to Develop a Portfolio of Low Latency Datasets for Time-Sensitive Applications

This event is in the past

Workshop to Develop a Portfolio of Low Latency Datasets for Time-Sensitive Applications

Date & Time: 8:30am Tuesday 27, September - 1pm Thursday 29, September 2016

Location: Reid Conference Center, Langley Research Center, Hampton VA

Time-sensitive remote sensing data serve the needs of decision makers who require low latency or near real-time satellite data for the disaster, agricultural, emergency response, environmental monitoring, and weather communities. By articulating the urgent science-informed decision-making enabled by rapid response and low latency satellite data, we will be able to better connect research and data production within NASA.

Goals and Expected Outcomes

Goals and Expected Outcomes
  1. Describe and characterize the existing NASA low latency data portfolio in Earth science;
  2. Determine what near real-time (NRT) datasets we could have in the coming decade, what is needed by the community and the process required to provide these datasets;
  3. Articulate the key underlying science questions that are answered with low latency remote sensing data; and
  4. Articulate the issues and challenges of near real-time data acquisition and management.

Through a series of plenaries and break out meetings, we will describe what is currently available and to increase the discoverability of these products across the NASA Community. We will also seek to provide insight into how to improve the quantity and quality of NRT data in the future. The result of the workshop will be a report for NASA to provide guidance for its future planning and development of NRT data.

Expected Workshop Outcomes:

  • Development of a portfolio for existing NASA NRT datasets and associated data products and infrastructure
  • Identification of significant NRT shortfalls and opportunities for research and application science that would improve results
  • Establish a draft charter for a team to focus on the availability, discovery and utility of NRT, which continues planning and coordination across the community of practice, maintains routine engagement with stakeholders, and informs program planning with leadership and other decision makers.



The poster session will take place on Tuesday at 6pm as part of a social even in the cafeteria area / Afterburners social lounge. For those bringing posters, poster will be mounted on 4 ft x 5 ft boards.

Badge requirements to access LaRC

Badge requirements to access LaRC

a) If you are a NASA badge holder for a center other than LaRC, you will need to make sure you have physical access to LaRC. Please see the instructions below on how to make sure you have this.

b) If you are NOT a NASA badge holder, you will need to clear security to be allowed on site.

- If you are a foreign national and DO NOT have a green card your security will need to be dealt with separately. Please let us know immediately so we can process the paper work.

- If you are on a Green Card please email Victoria your name, nationality and your green card ID number.

- If you are a US Citizen: please make sure that the name you used to register in Survey Monkey matches the name on your driving license. If in doubt, send your name as it appears on your driving license to support@earthdata.nasa.gov with NRT Workshop in the subject line. It needs to be correct on the list that goes to security. When you arrive at LARC you will need to bring your driving license. Please note for the states of American Samoa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and Washington State, you will need to bring passport as an alternative form of ID.


When visiting other NASA centers you will need to “Get Physical Access to other NASA Locations”

Log into


Click on Self Service tab at the top

From the left hand side of screen under Popular Actions, click on Get Physical Access to other NASA Locations

Click on the appropriate General Access link

Complete the request and click on Submit Request

You can also go to NAMS (nams.nasa.gov) and click the Identities tab or the NAMS tab

(right top of screen) and select Get Physical Access to other NASA Locations

To check to see if you already have access to a NASA center:

Log into NAMS

From the NAMS Tab (right top of screen) click drop down menu and select Revalidate Access

scroll to bottom and review BuildingEndFragment

Maps and Directions

Maps and Directions

NASA Langley Research Center's Welcome Guide contains comprehensive information for your visit, including travel information, local restaurants and maps of the center. The meeting will be held in the Reid Conference Center.

On arrival at Langley you will need to visit the badge and pass office, which is to the right of the security entrance (when you are facing the entrance) to Langley. Once you have your badge please drive to the Reid Center and park in one of the parking lots shown on the map (also listed below).

Map showing directions from the main gate to Reid Conference Center

Map showing directions from the main gate to Reid Conference Center

Directions - download this map and directions as a PDF.

  • Enter Langley's main gate and take an immediate left turn on to West Taylor Street.
  • Proceed 2 blocks to Bldg. 2102 on the right.
  • Parking is behind Bldg. 2102 and directly across the street from Bldg. 2102 behind Bldg 1146 (and 1147 not seen on map)
  • Enter Bldg. 2102 on West Taylor Street and proceed to the Reid Center, which is located on the first floor in the center of the building. Bldg. 2102 is commonly referred to as the IESB—Integrated Engineering Services Building.



Use the SurveyMonkey link to register for the meeting.
The NCTS number for the conference is 26068-16 - Workshop to Develop a Portfolio of Low Latency Datasets for Time-Sensitive Applications.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservations

Please note the change in recommended hotel (updated 21 August 2016)

Rooms at the Marriott City Center and the Courtyard Marriott are available at the FY16 federal per diem rate. The cut off date for the NRT workshop rate is 5th September. Reservations can be made using the booking links below:

Book your group rate for NRT workshop at the Marriott City Center or

Book your group rate for NRT workshop at the Marriott Courtyard

Parking and Wi-Fi are complimentary but breakfast is not. They will offer a per diem special breakfast for the group. This is the same for both hotels.

You are encouraged to attend this workshop if you are a stakeholder in the "community of practice" associated with near real-time data. This includes:

  • those involved with the generation, processing, management, dissemination and archiving of NRT data
  • users from academia, private sector and government and non-government organizations and
  • those from societal benefit areas / sustainable development goals including disaster risk reduction, good health, clean water, reliable energy ...


If you have any questions about the workshop please email support@earthdata.nasa.gov with NRT Workshop in the subject line.

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