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ESDS at the Virtual AGU Fall Meeting 2020

NASA, the Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Program, and the Earth Science and Data Information System (ESDIS) Project look forward to welcoming you to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Virtual Fall Meeting 2020 to help you learn more about NASA’s Earth science data resources. ESDS, ESDIS, and Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) representatives are presenting a variety of sessions, eLightning sessions, and posters. 

You can search the table by session, authors, keywords, theme and date. All dates and times below are listed in Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT-5).

Hidden Column Session Title Date Time Authors/Presenters Type Theme
01 SCIWS8 Working with Cloud-Based NASA Earth Observations Data and Tools


11:00-16:00 Catalina M Oaida, Amy Steiker, Andrew P Barrett, Walt Meier, Jack McNelis, Mike Gangl, Luis Alberto Lopez and Jessica Hausman Workshop Cloud
02 IN001-0006 Moving the Global Imagery Browse Services to the Cloud. Developing Earth Data Tools and Services that Scale 12/07/20 07:00- 23:59 Zachary Rice, Mike McGann, Joe T Roberts, Daniel Chou, Matthew F Cechini, Natalie, N Pressley, Ryan A Boller, Katie Baynes Poster GIBS/Worldview
03 A008-0028 A Deep learning Approach for Surface PM2.5 Estimations from Geostationary Satellite and Numerical Model Data 12/07/20 07:00- 23:59 Manisha Khatri, Iksha Gurung, George Priftis, Pawan Gupta, Rahul Ramachandran, Haeyong Chung, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Aaron S Kaulfus, Peiyang Cheng, Manil Maskey, Sundar A Christopher


Machine Learning/AI
04 IN001-0003 Get HyP3! SAR Processing for Everyone 12/07/20 07:00-23:59 Joseph H Kennedy, Kirk Hogenson, Andrew Johnston, Heidi Kristenson, Alex Lewandowski, Alex Lewandowski, Franz Josef Meyer, James Rine Poster DAAC
05 SY002-0004 A Modular SAR/InSAR Imaging Geodesy Training Course for Capacity Building 12/07/20 07:00-23:59 Paul Alan Rosen, Franz Josef Meyer, Scott Hensley, Andrea Donnellan, Hilarie B Davis, David P Bekaert, Heresh Fattahi, Gareth Funning Poster DAAC
06 A005-0025 NO2 Anomalies - Economy Attribution and Rapid Climate Response 12/07/20 04:00 - 20:59

Andrey K Savtchenko, Mohammad Khayat



07 IN002 Developing Innovative Tools and Services to Enable Data Use Across Broad User Communities 12/07/20 10:00-11:00 and 12:30-14:30 Geoffrey Stano and Leigh Sinclair Virtual  DAAC
08 IN002-01 UX Observation Database: Collecting and Managing User Research and Insights Across NASA EOSDIS 12/07/20 10:00 -10:04 Jeff Siarto Oral  Data System
09 IN002-03 Giovanni at 20: Consistency and Persistency in Making Earth Remote Sensing Data Available (and Useful) to the Global Research Community 12/07/20 10:08 - 10:12 James Acker et al. Virtual



IN002-06 The Open Source Field Campaign Explorer Enabling Interactive Data Visualization for Earth Science Communities 12/07/20 10:20 -10:24  Ajinkya Kulkarni, Yuling Wu, Brian Ellingson, Will Ellett, Geoffrey Stano, Manil Maskey, Sara J Graves Virtual  DAAC


IN003-11 Outcomes from the NASA ArcGIS Distributed Active Archive (DAAC) Collaboration 12/07/20 10:30 - 10:33 Matthew Tisdale Virtual  GIS
12 IN003-12 GES DISC Geographic Information System (GIS) Service and Path Forward 12/07/20 10:33 - 10:36

Binita KC, Wenli Yang, Peisheng Zhao, Jennifer C Wei, Angela Li, Michael C Beron, Marston Ward



13 IN003-15 Evaluating New Visualization Services for Browsing Spatiotemporal Earth Observation Satellite Data 12/07/20 10:42 - 10:45 Joe T Roberts, Daniel Chou, Ross C Briden, Matthew W Graber, Brian Lim, Matthew F Cechini, Ryan A Boller, Katie Baynes Virtual  GIBS/Worldview
14 IN004-03 Enabling Discovery and Access of Commercial Small Satellite Data 12/07/20 13:36-13:42  Aaron S Kaulfus, Brian Frietag, Yvonne Ivey, Renee Pieschke, Shawn Foley, Bradley Baker, Leo Thomas, Manil Maskey, Alfreda Hall, Anthony Luckach, Deborah Smith, Will McCarty, Rachel Wegener, Ashish Acharya Virtual  CSDA
15 IN004-05 Enabling Access and Use of NASA Earth Science Data with Thematic Data Pathfinders 12/07/20 13:46- 13:50  Cynthia Hall, Kevin Ward Virtual  Data Systems
16 GC016-09 Why People Matter: Better Data on Population and Infrastructure to Assess SDG Progress 12/07/20 13:54 - 13:57

Robert S Chen, Alex M de Sherbinin, Andrea E Gaughan, Linda Pistolesi, Maryam Rabiee, Gregory Yetman

Poster DAAC
17 IN005-03 L34RS: Providing Earth Analysis Ready Data by NASA GES DISC 12/07/20 19:06 - 19:09

Jay Su, Binita KC, Carlee F Loeser, Hualan Rui, Suhung Shen, Lena Fornito Iredell

eLightning DAAC
18 IN005-09 Challenges and Opportunities in Satellite Data Services for Interdisciplinary Research and Applications 12/07/20 19:24 - 19:27

Zhong Liu, Vasco Manuel Mantas, Jennifer C Wei, Menglin Jin, David J Meyer


Data Systems

19 IN005-13 Serving netCDF-based NASA EOS Data Products with ArcGIS Image Service 12/07/20 22:36 - 22:39

Peisheng Zhao, Wenli Yang, Binita KC, Jennifer C Wei, Angela Li, Long Pham, David J Meyer, Michael C Beron, Marston Ward




B021-0012 Enabling Ecosystem Insights by Integrating GEDI Data with other NASA Earth Observation Products


07:00 - 23:59

Yaxing Wei, Rupesh Shrestha, Jessica Nicole Welch, Michele Thornton, Jerrold Williams, Bruce E Wilson


21 IN009 Solving Training Data Bottlenecks for Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in Earth Science 12/08/20 13:30 - 14:30 Manil Maskey, Hamed Alemohammad, Rahul Ramachandran, Subit Chakrabarti eLightning

Machine Learning/AI


IN009-10 Labeling and Managing Image Data for Machine Learning in the Earth Sciences 12/08/20 13:57 - 14:00 Prasanna Koirala, Ashish Acharya, Brian Frietag, Iksha Gurung, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual  Machine Learning/AI
23 IN009-11 A Quantitative Analysis on the Use of Supervised Machine Learning in Earth Science 12/08/20 14:00 - 14:03 George Priftis, Katrina Virts, Ashlyn Shirey, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Hassan Muhammad, Ashish Acharya, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual  Machine Learning/AI


IN011-05 Automated Contrail Detection on Terra MODIS Imagery 12/08/20 22:12 - 22:15 Ankur Shah, Hassam Muhammad, Iksha Gurung, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual  DAAC
25 AE003-08 An Investigation of Geostationary Lightning Mapper Flash Extent 12/08/20 19:22 - 19:25 Geoffrey Stano and Michael Peterson Virtual  DAAC
26 IN012-02 Usage-Based Discovery of Earth Observations 12/08/20 23:34 - 23:38 Chris Lynnes Virtual  Data Systems
27 C017 Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Sea Ice I 12/08/20 13:30 - 14:30 Walt Meier, Randall K Scharien, and Ludovic Brucker Oral  DAAC
28 IN012-04 Towards Developing Community Guidelines for Sharing and Reuse of Digital Data Quality Information 12/08/20 23:42 -23:46 Many DAAC authors Virtual  Data Systems


IN012-08 A Hybrid Approach to Determine Earth Science Datasets in Scientific Publications 12/08/20 23:58 - 00:02 Jacob Atkins Virtual  Data Systems


TH052 Capacity Building in the Field of SAR Remote Sensing: Comparing Current Training Resources, Tools, and Services to Community Needs 12/08/20 22:00 - 23:00 Franz Josef Meyer Town Hall DAAC
31 IN014 Using Unstructured Data in Earth Science Posters 12/09/20 07:00 - 23:59 Rahul Ramachandran, Tsengdar J Lee, Christopher Lynnes Poster  Data Systems
32 GC043-0002 Mapping Agriculture Areas Using Synthetic Aperture Radar in the Context of Flood-Related Disaster Events 12/09/20 07:00 - 23:59 Brooke Kubby, Jordan R Bell, Franz Josef Meyer, Alex Lewandowski Poster DAAC
33 G004-0026 InSAR Phase Errors Induced by Faraday Rotation 12/09/20 07:00-23:59 Simon Zwieback, Franz Josef Meyer Poster DAAC


SY025-07 Integrate NASA Remote Sensing Data into your Research on COVID-19's Impact on Sustainable Development Goals with our Data Pathfinder 12/09/20 08:49- 08:52 Cynthia Hall, Kevin Ward Virtual  COVID-19
35 IN014-0005 Enhancing NASA Earth Science Data Discovery from Scientific Publications 12/09/20 04:00 - 20:59

Irina Gerasimov, Andrey K Savtchenko, James G Acker, Jerome Alfred, Jennifer C Wei



36 N014-0001 Extracting Disaster Variables with Deep Learning Methods to Improve Earth Science Data Set Retrieval 12/09/20 04:00 - 20:59

Abhinav Kumar, Arif Albayrak, William L Teng, Long Pham


Machine Learning/AI


SY028-05 Path to Open Science: A Data Perspective 12/09/20 22:13 - 22:16 Rahul Ramachandran, Kaylin Bugbee, Kevin J Murphy Virtual  Data Systems
38 SY028 Data for All: Open Data Sharing and Analytics to Empower Science  12/09/20 22:00 - 23:00 Kaylin Bugbee, Joshua S Brinks, Kevin Murphy, Robert S Chen eLightning Data Systems
39 SY028-03 Improved Open Data Sharing for NASA Airborne and Field Investigation DATA 12/09/20 22:07 - 22:10 Deborah K Smith, Stephanie Mullins Wingo, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual  IMPACT
40 GC044-06 Disentangling the Drivers of Regional Migration in West Africa: The Impact of Food (In)security on Migration 12/09/20 08:50 - 08:54 Fabien Cottier, Elisabeth Ilboudo-Nébié, Chandler Ann Morris, Michael Joseph Puma, Richard Seager, and Alex M de Sherbinin Virtual  DAAC


SY028-06 Public Private Partnerships to Enable Discovery, Access, and Use of NASA's Open Earth Science Datasets 12/09/20 22:16 - 22:19 Elizabeth Fancher, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual  Cloud
42 SY028-01 Advancing Open Data Sharing Across the Earth, Social, and Health Sciences for Pressing Societal Challenges 12/09/20 22:01 - 22:04

Robert R Downs, Robert S Chen

Poster DAAC
IN016-01 A Data Lifecycle Approach to Enabling Use by Capturing Data Provenance and Attribution 12/9/20 23:30 - 23:33 Robert R Downs Poster Data Systems
43 U009 Science in the Time of COVID-19 II  12/10/20 7:00-11:59 Jack A Kaye, Sandra Cauffman, Nicola Justine Fox Posters COVID-19
44 H093-04 GLDAS-2 Land Surface Model Data and Data Services at NASA GES DISC 12/10/20 05:39 - 05:42

Hualan Rui, Carlee Loeser, William L Teng, Guang-Dih Lei, Lena Fornito Iredell, Jennifer C Wei, David J Meyer, Hiroko K Beaudoing, Matthew Rodell


45 U012 Science in the Time of COVID-19 I 12/10/20 13:30 - 15:00 Jack A Kaye, Sandra Cauffman, Nicola Justine Fox Oral COVID-19
46 AE011-06 Exploring Storm Morphology, Dynamics and Lightning Characteristics during the Lifecycle of a Multicell Cluster in a Field Campaign Using a 3D Visualization Tool 12/10/20 13:50-13:54 Yuling Wu, Ajinkya Kulkarni, Brian Ellingson, Manil Maskey, and Sara Graves Virtual DAAC
47 IN023 Commercial Smallsat Data: Research and Applications in Earth Science II  12/11/20 07:00 - 23:59 Alfreda Hall, Kevin Murphy, Manil Maskey, Will McCarty Posters CSDA


IN023-0003 Assessing the Feasibility of using PlanetScope Data for Air Quality Applications 12/11/20 07:00 - 23:59 Jeanne Le Roux, Sundar A Christopher, Manil Maskey Poster CSDA
49 A123-06 Semantic Segmentation with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Automated Dust Detection in Goes-R Satellite Imagery 12/11/20 08:50- 08:54 Talha Khan, Nicholas J Elmer, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Emily Berndt, Iksha Gurung, Aaron S Kaulfus, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual Machine Learning/AI


TH072 NASA Earth Science Division Town Hall 12/11/20 13:30 - 14:30 Jack A Kaye, Sandra Cauffman, Kevin Murphy, Charles Webb, Lawrence Friedl, and Pam Millar Town Hall SMD
51 NH026-08 Deploying the Google Earth Engine in support of development of Open Critical Infrastructure Exposure for Disaster Forecasting, Mitigation and Response. 12/11/20 19:22 - 19:25

Paul Amyx, Charles K Huyck, ZhengHui Hu, Georgiana Esquivias, Robert S Chen, Gregory Yetman, Shubharoop Ghosh, Ronald T Eguchi

Poster DAAC
52 NH026-09 The Global COVID-19 Viewer: A Tool for Assessing National and Subnational Trends and Risk Factors in Coronavirus Spread 12/11/20 19:25 - 19:28

Alex M de Sherbinin, Kytt MacManus, Susana Beatriz Adamo, Al Pinto, Jane Mills, Sri Vinay, Robert S Chen, Gregory Yetman, Frank Pascuzzi, Mairead Milan

Virtual COVID-19
53 NH026-10 Leaving No One Off the Map in Practice: How Can Gridded Population Data Help Governments Meet the Sustainable Development Goals? 12/11/20 19:28 - 19:31

Maryam Rabiee, Jessica Espey, Robert S Chen, Fredy Rodriguez

Poster DAAC
54 NH026-11 A Comparison of Gridded Population Data Products in Disaster Response (Invited) 12/11/20 19:31 - 19:34

Cascade Tuholske, Andrea E Gaughan, Alex M de Sherbinin, Forrest R. Stevens, Alessandro Sorichetta, Gregory Yetman, Charles K Huyck, Robert S Chen



55 IN026 Linking Knowledge in the Earth and Space Sciences: Pioneers of a New Paradigm 12/11/20 20:30 - 21:30 Ryan Michael McGranaghan, Andrew Moore, Rahul Ramachandran, Emily Law eLightning Data Systems
56 B071-08 Find, Use and Visualize NASA Earth Science Biodiversity Data 12/11/20 20:58 - 21:02 Paula Land, Cynthia Hall, Kevin Ward Virtual Data Systems
57 IN028-08 Phenomena Portal: Large Scale Visual Exploration of Atmospheric Phenomena 12/11/20 22:21 - 22:24 Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Brian Freitag, Manil Maskey, Andrew Bollinger, Daniel Silva, Vincent Sarago, Iksha Gurun, Aaron S Kaulfus, Rahul Ramachandran, Ricardo Mestre, Alice Ruehl Virtual Machine Learning/AI
58 IN029 Commercial Smallsat Data: Research and Applications in Earth Science I 12/11/20 23:30 - 00:30 Alfreda Hall, Kevin Murphy, Manil Maskey, Will McCarty Oral CSDA
59 SY041-08 Studying the 2019 Australian Bushfires Disaster Using NASA Data: A Data-Driven Storytelling Approach 12/11/20 07:22 - 07:25 Sanjana Paul, Jean-Paul Vernier, Madison Broddle, Joseph Koch, Danielle Groenen Virtual DAAC
60 NH026-06 HydroSAR: A Cloud-based SAR Data Analysis Service to Monitor Hydrological Disasters and their Impact on Population and Agriculture 12/11/20 19:16 - 19:19 Franz Josef Meyer, Jordan R Bell, Ronan Lucey, Minjeong Jo, Alex Lewandowski, Brooke Kubby, Andrew Molthan, Lori A. Schultz, Batuhan Osmanoglu, David B. McAlpin, Thomas Meyer Virtual



IN028-02 Automatic Generation of Water Masks of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Using a Fully Convolutional Network Trained Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Images 12/11/20 22:03 - 22:06 Nicole Houseweart, Jason Herning, Thomas Andrew Logan, Kirk Hogenson


Machine Learning/AI
62 IN030-02 Modeling Atmospheric Science Knowledge from Research Publications 12/14/20 04:03 - 04:06

Joshua Thedford, Irina Gerasimov, Mohammad G Khayat



63 IN030-04

Using Transformer Networks and Knowledge Graphs in Earth Science Literature to Synthesize Mass Information for Transdisciplinary Research

12/14/20 04:09-04:12

Laura Yu Zheng, Arif Albayrak, William L Teng, Mohammad G Khayat, Long Pham



64 IN030-08 Natural Language Processing of User Queries using Post-Wildfire Disasters Concept Maps and Graphs to Derive Relevant Variables 12/14/20 04:21 - 04:24

Lauryn Wu, Arif Albayrak, William L Teng, Long Pham



65 IN030-09

Towards a Domain-Informed Search Engine for NASA Earth Science Data

12/14/20 04:24-04:27

William L Teng, Arif Albayrak, Laura Yu Zheng, Abhinav Kumar, Lauryn Wu, Long Pham, Mohammad G Khayat, Mahabal Hegde

eLightning Data Systems
66 H140-0002 Improving Data User Accesibility to Investigation Notable Events 12/14/20 07:00 - 23:59 Shelby Bagwell, Stephanie Mullins Wingo, D Smith, Camille Woods, Ashlyn Shirey, Rahul Ramachandran Poster IMPACT
67 H141-0014 Improvements in Daymet Continental-Scale Gridded Daily Precipitation and Temperature Estimates 12/14/20 07:00 - 23:59 Michele Thornton, Rupesh Shrestha, Peter E Thornton, Shih-Chieh Kao, Yaxing Wei, Bruce E Wilson



68 B080-0001 Encouraging Collaborative Research During ABoVE Through Coordinated Data Management 12/14/20 07:00 - 23:59 Liz Hoy et al; Yaxing Wei and Debjani Singh are co-authors Poster DAAC
69 B080-0015 Assessing Burn Severity in the Alaskan Boreal Forest using Remote Sensing Methods 12/14/20 07:00 - 23:59 Christopher Smith, Santosh K Panda, Uma Suren Bhatt, Franz Josef Meyer, Anushree Badola, Jennifer Hrobak, Coleen Jo Haan


Machine Learning/AI
70 IN030-10 Earth Science Metadata Suggestions and Analogical Reasoning 12/14/20 07:27 - 07:30 Carson David, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Derek Koehl, Ashish Acharya, Iksha Gurung, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran, Udasankar S Nair


Data Systems
71 SY046-02 Dashboards to Explore Effects of COVID-19 using Earth Observations (Invited) 12/14/20 10:14 - 10:24 Manil Maskey, Kevin J Murphy, Barry L Lefer, Kenneth W Jucks, Bradley Doom, Olaf Veerman, Michael Falkowski, Abigal Seadler Wulf, David Crisp, Gerald W Bawden, Laura Lorenzoni, Yvonny Ivey Virtual COVID-19
72 SY047-08 NASA's Global Imagery Browse Services and Worldview Migrate to Mapbox Vector Tiles: The Drawbacks and Disadvantages 12/14/20 10:22 - 10:25 Benjamin King, Ryan A Boller, Katie Baynes, Matthew F Cechini, Zachary Rice, Min Minnie Wong, Edward Plato Virtual GIBS/Worldview
73 IN033-01 Using Virtual Sharding with AWS S3 to Transparently Supply Missing Variables to Legacy Datasets 12/14/20 14:30 - 14:35 Nathan Potter, James Gallagher, Dan Holloway Virtual Cloud
74 IN032-05 Using Reanalysis Data to Estimate the Sampling Biases of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) Obs4MIPs V2 Dataset for Climate Model Intercomparisons 12/14/20 13:24 - 13:30 Thomas Hearty and Baijun Tian Virtual DAAC


IN032-03 Publishing Variables Archived at NASA GES DISC to ESGF 12/14/20 13:12 - 13:18 Fan Fang, Suhung Shen, Feng Ding, Thomas Hearty, Andrey K Savtchenko, Hualan Rui, Lena Fornito Iredell, David J Meyer Virtual



IN039-01 Keeping up with the Time(s): Advancing NASA's Worldview to Facilitate Quick Access to Global Near Real-Time Imagery 12/14/20 20:30 - 20:33 Min Minnie Wong, Benjamin King, Edward Plato, Jason Kent, Matthew F Cechini, Diane Davies, Ryan A Boller, Stephan Wlodarcyzk, Katie Baynes Virtual GIBS/Worldview


SY052 Earth Intel: Enhancing Partnerships Between Academic and National Security Communities to Address Ecosecurity Challenges I 12/15/20 11:30 - 12:30 Thomas Parris, Robert Chen Oral Partnerships
78 NH036 Integrating Remote Sensing Data and Geospatial Analytics for Assessment of Hazards, Risk and Resilience of Communities and Infrastructures, and Risk Communication I 12/15/20 23:30 - 00:30 Robert Chen, Bandana Kar  Oral DAAC


IN038-07 Remote Sensing of Record-Setting Floods of Spring 2019 in the Central United States 12/15/20 19:24 - 19:28 Andrew Molthan, Lori A. Schultz, Ronan Lucey, Jordan R Bell, Franz Josef Meyer, Batuhan Osmanoglu, Minjeong Jo, Sagy Cohen, Brad Peter Virtual Partnerships
80 IN039-03 Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Version 7 Near-Real-Time Product and Imagery Released by NASA GES DISC 12/15/20 20:36 - 20:39

Feng Ding, Michael Theobald, Peisheng Zhao, Thomas Hearty, Lena Fornito Iredell, Jennifer C Wei, David J Meyer



81 IN039-04 Resiliency by Design at the MOPITT LANCE Node 12/15/20 20:39 - 20:42

Daniel Ziskin, Debbie Mao, Garth D'Attilo, Timothy Fredrick, Gene L Francis, Sara Martinez-Alonso

Virtual Data Systems
82 IN039-05 FIRMS US/Canada – An Extension of NASA Near Real-Time FIRMS for the Forest Service and Inter-agency Wildfire Management Community 12/15/20 20:42 - 20:45

Robert Edward Wolfe, Brad Quayle, Diane Davies, Gregory A Ederer, Otmar Olsina



83 IN039-06 Development and Validation of a Flood Depth Mapping System using SAR-Derived Water Mask 12/15/20 20:45 - 20:48 Minjeong Jo, Batuhan Osmanoglu, Franz Josef Meyer, Lori A. Schultz, Andrew Molthan, Jordan R. Bell Virtual DAAC
84 A221-0013 Facilitating analysis of Satellite Derived Measurements of CO, CO2, and CH4 Using A Suite of GES DISC Services 12/16/20 04:00 - 20:59

Jennifer C Wei, Thomas Hearty, Andrey K Savtchenko, Jennifer M. Adams, Jian Zeng

Poster DAAC
85 IN042-0001 Data Store Alternatives for Multi Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP) 12/16/20 07:00 - 23:59 Dai Hai Ton That, Kaylin Bugbee, Aimee Barciauskas, Alex Mandel, Aaron S Kaulfus, Rahul Ramachandran


86 IN044-01 Addressing Technical Debt in Long Term Archives 12/16/20 10:00 - 10:04 Bruce E Wilson, Tammy Walker, Chris Lindsley, Daine Wright, Yaxing Wei, Debjani Singh Oral Data Systems


IN044-03 Development of a Suborbital Portal with End- Users and Data Archivers in Mind 12/16/20 10:08 - 10:12 Camille Woods, Shelby Bagwell, Christopher Lynnes, Stephanie Mullins Wingo, Deborah Smith, Rahul Ramachandran


Data Systems
88 IN044-05 Lessons Learned: The First Year Operating as a Cloud-Based Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) 12/16/20 10:16 -10:20  Will Ellett, Abdelhak Marouane, Eddie Campos, Brian Ellingson, Ajinkya Kulkarni, Navaneeth Selvaraj, Sarah J Graves, Manil Maskey Virtual Cloud
89 IN044-08 NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) and FAIR – A Self-Assessment 12/16/20 10:28 - 10:32 HK Ramapriyan, J. Behnke Virtual Data Systems


H206-03 Cloud-based Analytical Framework for Precipitation Research (CAPRi) 12/16/20 13:08 - 13:12 John Beck, Todd Berendes, Charles Collins, Anita LeRoy Navaneeth Selvaraj, Geoffrey Stano, and Patrick Gatlin



91 IN046-03 Complications of Metadata Curation for NASA Airborne and Field Campaigns, Platforms, and Instruments 12/16/20 14:36 - 14:39 Ashlyn Shirey, Stephanie Mullins Wingo, Shelby Bagwell, Camille Woods, D Smith, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual IMPACT
92 IN044-04 IPCC Sixth Assessment Approaches Towards FAIR Data and an Enhanced Data Reuse (Invited) 12/16/20 10:12 - 10:16 Martina Stockhause, Alaa Al Khourdajie, Andres Alegria, Robert S Chen, David B Huard, Martin N Juckes, Charlotte Louise Pascoe, Anna Pirani, Robin Matthews, Elvira Poloczanska, Sebastian Vicuna, Xiaoshi Xing, and Özge Yelekçi


93 H216-03 Developing Flood Risk Maps for Multi-Level Humanitarian Decision Making 12/16/20 23:38 - 23:42 Carolynne Hultquist, Andrew Kruczkiewicz, Humberto J Vergara, Alex M de Sherbinin, Devon Woods


94 IN044 Improving Infrastructure for Trustworthy Digital Repositories to Enable Current and Future Use of Open Data in Developed and Developing Countries I 12/16/20 10:00 - 11:00 Paul Bartel, Rorie Edmunds, Alex M de Sherbinin, Robert Downs Oral


95 IN045 Improving Infrastructure for Trustworthy Digital Repositories to Enable Current and Future Use of Open Data in Developed and Developing Countries II 12/16/20 11:30 - 12:30 Alex M de Sherbinin, Rorie Edmunds (WDS), Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Robert Downs Oral



IN046 Improving Infrastructure for Trustworthy Digital Repositories to Enable Current and Future Use of Open Data in Developed and Developing Countries III  12/16/20 14:30 - 15:30 Alex M de Sherbinin, Rorie Edmunds (WDS), Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Robert Downs eLightning Partnerships


IN047-05 Automated Metadata Scoring Approaches for Earth Observation Data 12/17/20 07:12 - 07:15 Jenny Wood, Kaylin Bugbee, Jeanne Le Roux, Camille Woods, Samuel Ayers, Bradley Baker, Emily Foshee, Ankur Shah, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual Data Systems


IN047-06 Improved Data Communication: Understanding and Discovery Using Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents 12/17/20 07:15 - 07:18 Bradley Baker, Kaylin Bugbee, Aason S Kaulfus, Olaf Veerman, Daniel Silva, Rahul Ramachandran, and Shawn Foley Virtual Data Systems


IN047-07 Pipeline for Applications Based Data Discovery 12/17/20 07:18 - 07:21 Katrina Virts, Dai Hai Ton That, Prasanna Koirala, Iksha Gurung, Brian Frietag, Rahul Ramachandran Virtual Data Systems



Updates of MERRA-2 Data and Services at NASA GES DISC

12/17/20 07:21 - 07:24

Suhung Shen, Binita KC, Jay Su, William L Teng, Barbara Deshong, Michael G Bosilovich, Allison Collow, Mahabal Hegde, Lena Fornito Iredell, Dave L. Meyer

eLightning DAAC

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