Smallsat Data Explorer

Screenshot of the Commercial Small Sat Data Explorer tool.

Find commercial smallsat data with the Smallsat Data Explorer. Details on how to navigate the tool can be found in the Smallsat Data Explorer User Guide (PDF).

The Smallsat Data Explorer (SDX) allows users to search, discover, and access data acquired through the Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program (CSDAP). All data purchased by NASA are mirrored in NASA infrastructure for long-term preservation.

NASA-funded researchers interested in accessing the data can utilize Earthdata login for authentication and initiate data download requests. Data will be made available for download upon approval and acceptance of the end-user license agreement (EULA). Read the summary scientific use EULA for CSDAP (PDF) as a starting point.

Currently, SDX supports access to data from Planet that was acquired as part of the CSDAP pilot phase. The CSDAP pilot phase evaluation also included data from Maxar (formerly DigitalGlobe, Inc.) and Spire Global, Inc. Work is underway to support search and access to Maxar and Spire data via SDX. For data that is not already mirrored by NASA, NASA-funded researchers can use the following vendor-specific tools to search and request data.

All data requests must be approved by CSDAP data managers. Contact us to provide your name, email address, and pertinent information (grant number, contract number, etc.) to indicate that you are authorized to use the data. The CSDAP team will verify user authentication and upon approval you will receive credentials to access the data.

Vendor How to get data
Planet SDX
Spire GMAO
Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. TCloudHost

As additional commercial small satellite datasets are evaluated and acquired, these datasets will also be made available. Please check back regularly.

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