EOSDIS Annual Metrics Reports

Each year the Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project compiles a set of system level performance statistics for NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS). The reports below present statistics on science data metrics and web activity at the EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) during each Fiscal Year (FY). The science data metrics provide statistics on data ingest, archive and distribution plus data users' profile information collected from the DAACs. The web activity metrics provide statistics on web site visits, views and visitors with a variety of related parameters. The reports include trends across fiscal years. System changes and improved metrics data collection techniques result in more complete and robust reports for the recent Fiscal Years.

Current Annual Report

Annual Report Archive

Year Annual reports
DAAC Profiles
Web Metrics
FY20 FY20 powerpoint, FY20 spreadsheet FY20 DAAC Profile (xls) FY20 web metrics (xls)
FY19 powerpoint, FY19 spreadsheet
FY19 DAAC Profiles (xls)
FY19 web metrics (xls)
FY18 FY18 powerpoint, FY18 spreadsheet
FY18 DAAC Profiles (xls)
FY17 FY17 powerpoint, FY17 spreadsheet
FY17 DAAC Profiles (xls)
FY16 FY16 powerpoint, FY16 spreadsheet
FY16 DAAC Profiles (xls)
FY15 FY15 powerpoint, FY15 spreadsheet
FY15 DAAC Profiles (xls)
FY14 FY14 powerpoint, FY14 spreadsheet
FY13 FY13 powerpoint, FY13 spreadsheet
FY12 FY12 powerpoint, FY12 spreadsheet
FY11 FY11 powerpoint, FY11 spreadsheet
FY10 FY10 powerpoint, FY10 spreadsheet
FY09 FY09 powerpoint, FY09 spreadsheet, FY09 document
FY08 FY08 powerpoint, FY08 spreadsheet
FY07 FY07 spreadsheet
FY06 FY06 spreadsheet
FY05 FY05 spreadsheet
FY04 FY04 spreadsheet
FY03 FY03 spreadsheet
FY02 FY02 document
FY01 FY01 document
FY00 FY00 document (PDF), FY00 spreadsheet
Statistics Collection and Reporting System (SCRS) FY96-FY99 document

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