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EOSDIS Data News - 9/15/2017


The ASF DAAC created a new data feed for Sentinel-1 data collected in support of Hurricane Irma response. Data were collected throughout the Caribbean and Florida and published via the feed. Additionally, a Hybrid Pluggable Processing Pipeline (HyP3) subscription was prepared to generate radiometric terrain corrected (RTC) products for NASA and the National Weather Service (NWS).

The NSIDC DAAC published the dataset NASA IceBridge-related CryoSat-2 Level 4 Sea Ice Elevation, Freeboard, and Thickness. This dataset contains 30-day averaged Arctic sea ice thickness estimates, with freeboard and ice surface roughness, derived from the ESA CryoSat-2 Synthetic Aperture Interferometric Radar Altimeter (SIRAL).

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