Mapping floodwater extent for active floods is critical for local and regional officials and for disaster relief organizations that need to ascertain where to focus their efforts. NASA's Land, Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) provides data to the Dartmouth Flood Observatory and the near real-time (NRT) Global MODIS Flood Mapping initiative.

Users can visualize imagery related to floods in Worldview, or download data using the links below.

LANCE imagery can be overlaid with the following data sets from NASA's Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC), which are also available as layers in Worldview: Flood Hazard Frequency and Distribution, Flood Hazard-Mortality Risk and Flood Hazard Economic Risk.

Floods Moz

Visualize NRT data related to Floods in Worldview

This image shows flooding in Mozambique. By January 2013, the Limpopo River had spilled over its banks with water spanning more than 10 kilometers in certain areas. Read more at NASA's Earth Observatory.

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