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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) DAAC

Mosaic image of biomass for conterminous United States. North American Carbon Program (NACP) Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Baseline Data.

The ORNL DAAC is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The ORNL DAAC was established in 1993 and is under an interagency agreement between NASA and the Department of Energy.

The ORNL DAAC provides data and information relevant to biogeochemical dynamics, ecological data, and environmental processes, critical for understanding the dynamics relating the biological, geological, and chemical components of Earth’s environment. These dynamics are influenced by interactions between organisms and their physical surroundings, including soils, sediments, water, rocks, and air. ORNL archives contain data from a large number of field campaigns, climate, vegetation, and soil collections, satellite validation campaigns, and model products. MODIS land product subsets are also provided.

ORNL DAAC serves as the primary active archive for biogeochemical dynamics data.

  • Field campaigns: Terrestrial Ecology intensive campaigns to address key scientific questions
  • Land validation: Provides field data to assess the accuracy and uncertainty of NASA's remote sensing products
  • Model Archive: Source code, input data, and output results for terrestrial biogeochemical models
  • Regional and Global data: Collections of data for Climate, Vegetation, Soil and other environmental variables

Data Tools and Services: Spatial Data Access Tool, WebGIS, THREDDS, Daymet single pixel tool, and MODIS Land Product Subsets

ORNL DAAC data are available through an online search-and-order system and through Reverb.

Contact Information

Suresh K.S. Vannan, DAAC Manager
Tammy Beaty, Deputy DAAC Manager
Robert Cook, Chief Scientist