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Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS)

The figure illustrates the global networks of geodetic sites which consist of 440 GNSS receivers, 44 laser ranging sites, 45 VLBI stations, and 58 DORIS sites and provides the means of determining an accurate and global Terrestrial Reference Frame. Courtesy: CDDIS

The CDDIS is NASA’s data archive and information service supporting the international space geodesy community. CDDIS provides continuous, long term, public access to the data and derived products from a global network of observing stations equipped with one or more of the following measurement techniques:

as well as products dervied from these data required for a variety of science observations, including the determination of a global terrestrial reference frame and geodetic studies in plate tectonics, earthquake displacements, volcano monitoring, Earth orientation, and atmospheric angular momentum, among others.

Users can access the data and products available through the CDDIS via anonymous ftp.

Contact Information

Carey Noll, DAAC Manager
Patrick Michael, Deputy DAAC Manager