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Wildfire Research and Application Partnership (WRAP)

Vincent Ambrosia, PI, NASA's Ames Research Center
James A. Brass, co-PI, ARC

NASA's Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (WRAP) project was successfully competed and funded in 2003 under NASA's Earth Science Office Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) CAN-02-OES-01, entitled "Earth Science Research, Education, and Applications Solutions Network (REASoN)."

The project proposal, originally entitled "NASA Wildfire Response R&D, Applications and Technology Implementation" (REASoN-0109-0172), was shortened to WRAP to highlight the collaborative partnership of the US Forest Service and NASA in wildfire science and applications. The project is a 5-year funded effort, initiated in July 2003. The objectives of the project are to foster collaborative partnerships between NASA and the US Forest Service to facilitate and demonstrate evolved and evolving technologies for increasing the information content and timeliness of earth resource data collected for wildfires. Both agencies have worked collaboratively on parallel-track developments in fire imaging, but this initiative is the first major effort at formalizing and focusing wildfire science and applications between the agencies.

The expected outcomes of this collaborative effort are creation of improved tools for Wildfire Decision Support Systems within the US Forest Service and the other fire mitigation and management agencies.

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