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Object Store-Based Data Service for Earth System Science

John Readey, The HDF Group

Cloud computing offers key benefits of scalability, cost, and redundancy compared with traditional data centers. However most of the tools and software systems developed for NASA's data repositories were not developed with the cloud in mind and do not fully take advantage of cloud-based technologies. To address this, we propose the development of a web service (Highly Scalable Data Service [HSDS]) that will use object storage rather than file based storage to vend earth science data. Object storage services are provided through all the leading public (Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) and private clouds (Open Stack), and provide the most cost-effective means of storing large data collections online. In addition to being cost-effective, the service will be highly scalable in that it will be able to support an effectively unlimited number of clients at high throughput. To enable compatibility with existing tools and applications, we will create client libraries that are API compatible with existing libraries for Hierarchical Data Format version 5 (HDF5) and NetCDF4. We will demonstrate the capabilities of this service by setting up a platform on Amazon AWS that integrates the service with existing NASA Earth Exchange (NEX)/OpenNEX datasets and tools.

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2018 at 2:57 PM EDT